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Madonna Interview : Jane

Madonna: Yes, I believe Amber and Pepe could make it together. Because I believe that both of them underwent a major transformation.
I believe Amber’s still not got a string enough personality. She’ll be recontaminated within her environment before very long. We’ve all met someone that went on holiday, had the most magnificent time, came back and got stuck in the rut again.
Oh, yeah, Madonna thinks Amber would go back home, see the error of her ways and fly out tot Pepe again. If Pepe tried to movie with her, the little fisherman would be fucked when they got to civilization.
I mean, it could exist if Amber did come and they spent the rest of their life passing around on a desert island, had a few quid in the bank. And what do you need? A small hut, enough to buy your odds and sods, have a couple of kids, and Bob’s your uncle. But once Amber’s fallen back into Manhattan life, the dream will just evaporate. No, no. Pepe can’t go to Manhattan. It could only work if Amber went his way.
Madonna: I’m not saying they wouldn’t be changed, but I’m an optimist and a romantic, and by the time they got off that island they were friends and they had things in common, which are two key ingredients for a successful friendship.

Madonna - Jane / October 2002

Scene five: A happy ending in which the couple continues to do exactly as they please.
The ending in life is not what we think we want, it’s what we need. And Pepe the fisherman, he ends up giving Amber what she needs, as opposed to what she wants, and I think that’s everything in life. We’re all wanted one thing, but we’re not asking for what we need. We’re all asking for what we want, which is nothing that we need.
I think Madonna and I could work together again. I like working with her. She’s a pleasure. She’s a pro. I don’t think she has any desire in going to Malta again, but maybe I could drag the family out there for a couple of months, if I make the war epic I’ve been writing.
Madonna: Guy could get me back to Malta if he built me a house with screens on the windows to keep me out mosquitoes, with a yoga studio, and he could guarantee that I could always get online and there would never be power blackouts.
With Madonna and me, there’s not the slightest problem segueing from husband and wife to director and actor.
You could just fade in and out of what you’re supposed to be doing. To me, a movie’s a team effort.
And it’s not about career for either her or I. No. We’re both giving in the same direction anyway. It’s all about the big picture, so I’m sure wherever one goes, the other will go as well.
Madonna: What is the big picture? Seeing the end in the beginning, receiving for the sake of sharing and world peace. Realizing this one of the amazing things I’ve learned in the last few years.

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