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Madonna Interview : Juice

Anderson: Speaking of Britain, The Spice Girls regard you as their inspiration.How do you feel about being the original Spice Girl?

Madonna: Thank you. [Laughs] I’m flattered. And yes, I am the, first Spice Girl [Laughs] girl power and all that…

Anderson: You’re renowned for changing your image with each album. Do you have someone help you make those kinds of decisions?

Madonna: You mean shopping for me? No. I’m changing and growing as a person. Fashion is changing and growing so I just – I’m open to the possibilities. I’ve never had anyone create a look for me, I’m much too headstrong for that. I go to fashion shows, I read magazines, I look at art, I listen to music. Everything I do is influenced by pop culture and history and stuff like that.

Anderson: How do you look back on the 1980s now?

Madonna: I look and I say, wow – what a very young, innocent, naive little girl, but I also see that I was having a good time, and I’m proud of myself.

Anderson: Where you are and given your age and all your achievements, what drives you?

Madonna: Hunger for knowledge. A desire to be adventurous, to learn things, to grow, that’s it. Curiosity.

Anderson: When you’re writing or recording your music do you put less pressure on yourself now in terms of having to come up with a hit?

Madonna: I just put pressure on myself to be true to myself. To really push myself. Especially concerning this album I think I really took more changes making this record than any other record where I haven’t gone in with a really set idea of exactly what I wanted the music to sound like. I allowed myself to be in a much more experimental mode and so to get into that place, you can’t really be very concerned about whether you’re going to have a hit or not because that stops the creative flow. So maybe I would say that I’m less concerned.

Anderson: Sting said that yoga was good for his sex life.

Madonna: Do you think that that’s true? I think I’d have to agree with that!

Anderson: What was your role at school: nerd, jock, bully or wimp?

Madonna: Nerd, probably. I worked very hard at school.

Anderson: What is your best quality?

Madonna - Juice / April 1998

Madonna: I’m loyal to those who are loyal to me.

Anderson: And your worst?

Madonna: I’m working on it. I used to be an incredibly judgmental person: meet somebody – snap, snap – write them off, rather than trying to figure out where they’re coming from.

Anderson: What made you ambitious?

Madonna: I came from a small town in the middle of nowhere without any particular education and no special training in anything. It wasn’t really about ambition: I just wanted to go out into the world. I wanted a little adventure.