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Madonna Interview : Juice

Anderson: Is image all about hair?

Madonna: Only if it’s clean.

Anderson: Your record label Maverick has Alanis Morissette and Meshell Ndegeocello on the roster. what were your first impressions of Morissette?.

Madonna: The thing that blew me away was how self-possessed she was for someone her age. She had a knowingness and intelligence, and I was completely in awe of it.

Anderson: Ndegecello says she is quitting the business to become a preacher. Your thoughts?

Madonna: That’s just Meshell being provocative. She gets pissed off and she says stuff. She really hates the business side of the business.

Anderson: What do you think of your 1992 Sex book in 1998?

Madonna: I think it’s funny.

Anderson: Was it meant to be funny back then?

Madonna: Yeah, it was meant in a very tongue-in-cheek way. I meant to poke a hole in the whole idea of sexuality. What I predicted would happen, happened: everyone went out and bought the book, it sold out, then everyone slagged it off, which to me is an absolute reflection of public attitudes towards sex in America. It did what I intended to do. All I ever wanted to do in my honesty about sexuality, in my portrayal of sexuality, was to try to make people feel less ashamed about it. Just be comfortable about who you are.

Anderson: And what was the motivation behind your lesbian phase?

Madonna: My motivation wasn’t lesbianism per se, but just gay sexuality, period. It really grosses me out that people are so freaked out about the concept of two men kissing. It’s like: what’s the big deal? The motivation was to take gay culture from the dark, dark under-aspect of life and bring it to the mainstream. It just seems weird to me that gay culture, in our society, is annexed off.

Anderson: I’m going to fire off the titles of some of your albums, and I want you to tell me the first thing that comes to mind. Madonna, your debut album?

Madonna: Baby. [Laughs]

Anderson: Like A Virgin?

Madonna: Fun.

Anderson: True Blue?

Madonna: Romance.

Anderson: Like A Prayer?

Madonna: Sadness.

Anderson: Erotica?

Madonna: Sex.

Anderson: Bedtime Stories?

Madonna: Dreams.

Anderson: Ray of Light?

Madonna: Rebirth.

Anderson: Your new album really seems to be saying goodbye to a chapter and, in many ways, a persona. Are you doing a Ziggy Stardust and killing the old Madonna off?

Madonna: Yes, to a certain extent. I’m not saying goodbye or saying I made a mistake or have a regret or anything like that. I have changed. And yes, this is a new chapter.

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