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Madonna Interview : Ladies Home Journal

Interviewer: On a much lighter note, a lot of people want to know how you stay in such wonderful shape. What do you eat, how do you work out?

Madonna: I eat healthy food – not a vegetarian diet, but I mostly eat fish. I have a cook who came originally to be a macrobiotic chef here in our house, but then we didn’t want to eat strictly macrobiotic anymore. But it’s very similar – whole grains, eating things by season, staying away from food that’s been bioengineered in any way, things that are about to be extinct. She prepares food like really good sushi, great cod or salmon. And vegetables. It doesn’t sound very exciting, does it? It’s got a Japanese flair to it, which is quite nice. We don’t eat any dairy here, we’re a TV- and dairy-free house. I do yoga four days a week, and Pilates two days a week, sometimes three. In the morning, around 11. I have a routine. I get up at 7:30 when the kids get up. They leave at 8:15. My son’s in preschool – they’re both at the same school, she’s in third grade. They get dressed, eat breakfast and go off to school. There are no school buses here so a driver takes them to school. Sometimes my husband takes them to school. I come into my office. I talk to my staff, we talk about what we’re going to do that day – I have several business entities and projects going on. Then I exercise, and after that I go to do the project – my record, my film, my this, my that. No matter what, I always come home to put my kids to bed. Unless there’s a situation, I’m out of town or I can’t come home, my husband does it. We always make sure one of us is here. Then we eat dinner at 9 or 9:30. My husband does jujitsu and doesn’t get done until then, which is irritating. We eat dinner late, we go to bed late, I get up early – not a lot of sleep goes on here. I don’t see a lot of my girlfriends. If anything falls by the wayside, it’s my friends. I stay in contact with them by phone or e-mail, but I don’t have a lot of time. I wish I did, but I don’t. Now my girlfriends are all married and have kids, and they have the same problem, too. They understand. If they don’t have kids, they don’t understand exactly, but that’s their problem. When they do, they will.

Interviewer: Your good friends are Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney?

Madonna: Gwyneth and Stella are my closest friends here in England. But I have a few others – my sister is a good friend of mine, she lives in Los Angeles. Rosie O’Donnell is a good friend of mine, she lives in New York. I have another really good friend named Monica, she lives in Los Angeles. They’re sprinkled everywhere. Those people I stay in touch with, and sometimes they have to come and kidnap me and force me to go out and have fun, have a drink, chit-chat, stop working. If I have a night off and my husband’s gone somewhere, I just stay home and work. It’s hard for me to stop working, because I have a lot of stuff to do. If I want to make records, and write children’s books, and make films, then I’ve got to work a lot. I hardly ever go out, to parties, even to restaurants. When you have a husband, two kids, and a lot of jobs, you just don’t go out that much. I don’t think I’m missing anything. It’s nice to spend time with friends and catch up, but I’m happy with my choices.

Interviewer: You seem calm, happy.

Madonna: Settled, yeah. I’m more settled than I’ve ever been. I’m more sure about what I’m doing. I feel happy about the things I’ve accomplished. I’m less worried and anxiety-ridden than I used to be. That doesn’t mean I don’t have my moments. Of worry, doubt, pulling my hair out. About career, anything. Am I doing the right thing? Should I be doing this? Is that right? Is it good enough? Will people understand this? Should I take this job, or that job? What am I doing? Sure. But less and less.

Interviewer: Do you ever think about how you want to be remembered?

Madonna: I’m a person who’s searching. I don’t see myself as a holier-than-thou, righteous soul, but I’m a person who’s been through a lot. I’ve lived the highest highs, and the lowest lows. I’ve attained all those things everyone wants to attain, and I’m here to say, it doesn’t mean s—. If you don’t have the other things in your life, than all the money in the world, and all the beautiful children in the world, and all the talented husbands in the world are not going to make you happy. I’m coming from a point of view now, from experience, that I can help people, share what I know. I think about everything I do, how is this going to affect people? What will they get out of this? Am I adding to the chaos of the world – am I part of the problem, or the solution?

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