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Madonna Interview : Late Show with David Letterman

Madonna - Late Show with David Letterman / March 31 1994 David: So now lets talk about your interest in the NBA, you go to a lot of games, you were, you were friends with Charles Barkely. Madonna: I wouldn’t go that far. David: You weren’t friends with Charles Barkley? Madonna: I don’t think he understands the meaning of friendship. David: Oh, really he seems like he might be a hothead, that guy. Madonna: Hmmm, hmmm. David: Did you know him at all. Madonna: Hmmm, hmm. David: Yeah. Madonna: Yeah. David: Did it hurt when you had that thing put in your nose? [referring to her nose ring] Madonna: I thought you were going to ask me if it hurt something else, but, I thought you were going to continue the Charles Barkely line of questioning. David: Ohhhh, man, this is.. Madonna: F*** David: What a revelation. Madonna: And the question, and the answer is, um… David: What a lovely young woman. Madonna: Hmm, yes. David: But, you have like, a nose ring there. Madonna: It hurt, the answer is yes, both questions. David: What happens when you take that out, will you ever take that out? Madonna: What happens whey you take it out? David: Yeah. Madonna: Both questions? David: Oh, come on, come on, what a, what a, what am I speakin’ Chinese here, now stop it. Madonna: Listen, all you do is talk about my sex life on your show, so now you don’t want to talk about my sex life when I’m on your show. David: Now what do you mean, do you mean because we refer to you periodically, we make jokes… Madonna: Periodically? David: Yeah. Madonna: You can’t get through a show without talking about me or thinking about me. David: [laughing] David: No, but do you mind that, is that a problem for you? Madonna: It’s never a problem. David: Yeah. David: Alright, I’ll tell you what, let’s do, let’s do a commercial, do you want to do a commercial? Madonna: No. David: Ok, we’ll do a commercial… Madonna: I don’t think we should ever cut to a commercial. David: No, we’ll… Madonna: Let’s keep talking and film every second of it. David: Oh yeah, because if the rest of it is as fascinating as the first part of it…then we’ve, we’ve got something there, there, that’s money in the bank, there. [making hand gestures that signify money] Madonna: Before, wait, wait, wait, before we cut to a commercial, I just want to know…um is that a rug? David: You talkin’ about my hair? Well, alright what is that a swimcap? What are you wearing? David: Come on, Let’s go, [gets up and puts his dukes up] here we go. David: Come on. [Madonna gets up and takes his challenge] David: No, no, no, I got a bad neck, I can’t, I can’t, just sit down. David: Just sit down, sit down, just have a seat. Madonna: Don’t make me act a fool, Dave, alright. David: Have a seat. Madonna: Don’t make me, do you want to touch my dress? David: I would, I would I would like to touch your dress, [touches dress] oh, very nice, very nice. [sighs] David: I tell you what, we are going to do a commercial, and uh, we are going to wash her mouth out with soap… Madonna: And he’s going to smell my underwear. David: And then we’ll be right back. Madonna: And um… David: … Kids, come on back. [Commercial] David: How do you do Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back, Madonna is here, Madonna and I are just sitting around smoking cigars and swapping recipes. Madonna: [with cigar in mouth] Yeah. David: Also uh Counting Crows and the uh world champion grocery bagger. Did you have jobs like that when you were a kid? Did you work in grocery stores, bagging groceries, any of that? Madonna: No. David: Have you ever been in a grocery store? Madonna: You really have, you really… [both giggling] Madonna: Yeah. [to grocery store question] David: Yeah? Good. David: Uh, and uh… Madonna: You know you really changed since the last time I was on the show. David: Well we haven’t seen you in like 6 years or 7 years. Madonna: You used to be really kind of, like, cool. David: I know, there is no bigger dweeb than me. Madonna: Money’s made you soft. David: Really, you think so? Madonna: Yeah.