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Madonna Interview : Late Show with David Letterman

Madonna - Late Show with David Letterman / March 31 1994 David: Well, now what the hell are we going to do? Madonna: Oh f*** it. David: Now, come on, you, you know you. Madonna: We’re going to have to deal with each other. David: Oh, let’s don’t do that. Madonna: No holds, barred. David: We have tape? Tape of what? Madonna: Tape? Why can’t we just talk to each other, why do we have to have all of this contrived bull**** ? Madonna: You know, f*** the tape, f*** the list, everything….you know what I’m saying? David: Oh, man. Madonna: I think we should get… don’t you want to show everybody the underwear. David: Well, uh, I think most everybody has seen underwear. Madonna: No they haven’t seen, they haven’t seen my unde.. mine … David: Now, that’s not true. [laughter] Madonna: No, no, no, no, they saw me out of my underwear, they haven’t seen me in my underwear. David: What? Oh, jeez we’re out of time. David: [laughing] You know, uh… Madonna: Don’t make me act a fool, Dave. David: No, no, you know it was fun, I get a big kick out of you and … Madonna: Really? In what way? David: Yeah… Madonna: What part of your body? David: I think you’re a nice… Madonna: Where? David: You know I think you’re a decent, nice person, you know… Madonna: Uh, huh. David: And uh, I’m happy you came by here tonight and gross us all out. [laughter] David: But you know, I’m just you know… Madonna: Isn’t there anything you really want to ask me? David: [sighs] You know, it’s seems like we know almost everything there is to know about you. Madonna: Really? David: Tell us something we don’t know. Madonna: You don’t know a god-damn thing. David: Yeah? Like what? David: What’s the next look? What’s the next incarnation? What’s the next sort of a image, what do we uh… Madonna: That’s what you want to know? David: Yeah. Madonna: No, that’s not what you want to know. David: Oh, jeez were out of time again. [laughter] David: What are you going to do now, what are you going to do after the show? Madonna: Did you know that it’s good if you pee in the shower? David: I’m sorry. Madonna: I’m serious. Madonna: No seriously, peeing in the shower is really good, it, it fights um um athletes foot. Madonna: I’m serious, no urine is like, is like, is like an antiseptic, it’s all got to do with the enzymes in your body. David: Don’t, don’t you know a good pharmacist? [laughter] Madonna: Uhm… David: Get yourself some Desinex or whatever that stuff is. Madonna: I wanted to share something that I knew with you. David: Ok, well, thank very much and uh I’m going to try to wrap this up. Madonna: Do you have a girlfriend? David: Yeah. Madonna: Really? David: Yeah. Madonna: Uhm. David: What do you care? [laughter] David: What, like a guy like me, wouldn’t have a girlfriend? Audience Member: Yeah Dave! David: Yeah, thank you very much sir! [laughter] David: What about you, do you have a boyfriend? Madonna: I thought you were going to ask me if I had a girlfriend. Um. David: Are you currently interested in someone? Madonna: Hmm, hmm. David: Oh, really, what’s his name? Madonna: Dave. David: Dave? No. no, no, not …former mayor of New York, Dave Dinkins? [laughter] David: GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY! [stands up waving and kissing like show is over] Madonna: Look I don’t want to …