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Madonna Interview : Look

Madonna - Look / November 16 2009

“If A Man Dress Himself He’s Old Enough For Me”

The legendary superstar opens up about her gruelling fitness regime, dating young men and which of her biggest No1 hits she can’t stand…

Many people see divorce as the end, but for Madonna it was the start of something new. Since splitting from Guy Ritchie, her hubby of eight years, the singer has finished a sellout world tour, adopted a baby girl and released an album of her hottest hits. The 51-year-old
has also been dating Brazilian model Jesus Luz, 22, since last December. Here, she puts to rest rumours she’s planning to wed her toyboy, opens up about her fitness obsession and reveals why she can’t stand hearing ‘like A Virgin’.

Madonna, it’s great to see you looking so relaxed and having a laugh – divorce suits you…
I’m not stressed out. Let’s put it like that. [laughs)

You said recently that you wouldn’t get married again…
I don’t have a problem with monogamous relationships, I’m just not sure I can get my head around the idea of getting married again.

What’s changed about your life now? Can you be a little bit more selfish now that you’re not married?
It’s hard to be selfish with four kids, but I do have more of a choice about where I go at night and where I go on holidays. The fun hours – they’re all mine. I am happier.

You’ve been seen out and about with Jesus Luz lately – is he your new partner?
I’ll just say I am dating, but I’m a one-man woman.

How old do you likeyour men?
They have to be old enough to dress themselves. [Laughs] There’s something to be said for younger people – they tend to be more adventurous and aren’t set in their ways. I mean, have you met guys my age? Usually they are married or divorced and grumpy, fat and balding.

No wonder you’re seen as a bit of a cougar these days!
[Laughs] I love that phrase. I just learned it the other day.

So it would be fair to say you prefer your men to be hot, young and with low body fat…
[Laughs] Yeah, I do. Is there a problem with that? I’m into being fit so why wouldn’t I want to be with someone who’s the same way?

We’ve heard you have a fairly rigorous workout routine…
My body’s part of my job. If it’s not in shape, how can I dance around on stage with my butt hanging out?

Is it true you’re in the gym for two hours every day?
Generally I am. Fortunately my gym is upstairs so I don’t have to go very far and waste time travelling.

How do you work out on tour?
I take trainers with me. I also have gyms in all my houses and make sure there’s a gym in the hotel.

When you look in the mirror, do you see someone gorgeous?
[Laughs) No! No way. I look in the mirror and go: “Uh-uh, more work. Need to work. Less cake, more work.” [Laughs]

Is the sexy and provocative Madonna we see the real you?
No. Well, I’m not saying I’m not sexy and provocative – people see me as Madonna, but I’m a normal hometown girl from Michigan.

Madonna - Look / November 16 2009

How are you settling back into life in New York?
I’m happy to be back in America. Last year was very stressful. I feel good now though. I feel like I’ve adapted to my new life.

How often do you hear one of your songs when you’re out and about?
Not to toot my own horn, but quite a lot. [Laughs) They’re usually songs l’m really sick of though. It’s usually ‘like A Virgin’ and that’s the one I don’t want to hear! I have to ask them to turn it off.

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