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Madonna interview : Out

You don’t mind your work remixed– either as a dance song or by other artists?

No, I think it’s great. I never have a problem with that.

Has your renewed enthusiasm and the undeniable success of this album created a tension or strain in the family life?

Well, when the last tour ended, I did get a lot more time to spend with my kids. But life ebbs and flows ill cycles. And I feel you mustn’t fight that flow pointlessly. There are periods of time when I am with my family more, and then when I go through a lot of career concentration I am totally guilt-ridden. As for Guys reaction, I think, you know, he is really happy for me. But I think there is always going to be this kind of–like he said to me the other day, “Am I going to lose you again for another six months?” because of the tour this year. But I can say the same thing when he goes off and makes a movie. And he becomes “out of sight, out of mind,” whereas I am on the phone constantly, worrying and asking questions. Making sure the kids brush their teeth.

And when he’s away?

Oh. the typical male thing. I call and I feel it’s [him saying], “And you are? And I would know you from…?”

How do you feel about that?

Sometimes I’m amused. But it’s the compromise of marriage. He has his hands full with me too.

Your children, Lourdes [age 9] and Rocco [5] are still pretty young. But do you think now of having to explain yourself?

You mean artistically or my personal life?


A little bit, a little hit with my daughter. Rocco is still clueless. He is shocked when people on the street know his name. “Mommy. they know my name!” But my daughter! She watched the “Hung Up” video, the part where I’m in the tunnel and dancing with all the guys, and she is like. “Ugh, gross! This is disgusting, Mom. Why are you doing that?” And I am like, “Because I am having fun. This is what people do: they go out, when they are grown-ups, and dance and have fun.” I try not to make a big deal out of it. Oh, and she is really obsessed with who is gay!

No kidding?

And she even asked, “Mom, you know they say that you are gay?” And I’m, “Oh, do they? Why?” And she says, “Because you kissed Britney Spears” [onstage at the MIV Video Music Awards in 2003]. And I said, “No, it just means I kissed Britney Spears. I am the mommy pop star and she is the baby pop star. And I am kissing her and passing my energy on to her. Like, kind of a mythological fairy tale.”

And she looks at me like, “Yeah. whatever!” [Laughs] I said. “I’ll tell you more when you’re a little older.” which no intelligent child wants to hear, but there is only so much you can’t say and so much information you want your children to have. And I want my children–even though they exist in the shadow of my fame–to have their childhoods.

That must be hard, though.

It is. It’s called motherhood! Oh, and the other thing she likes to do when we go out, she says, “Mom, do you want me to point out who the gay men are?” And I say. “OK, but I think I already know.”

Mommy has gaydar.

Yes. But I let her go ahead.

Speaking of the gays, I think every gay guy–and gal too–has the iconic gay moment, some Madonna video, usually, that pushes the button. For me it was– “Material Girl” video.

I know your Marilyn thing. Denis.

Do you ever gear it toward that audience?

You mean. where I say, “This is the one the boys are really going to love?” No, not really. I think l am just wired that way. I kind of assume everything I do is going to appeal to the gay audience. I’m just a big queen.