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Madonna interview : Out

Now you live in England, and a lot of people have placed a political significance to that–dissatisfaction with America…

Oh. please. I like living in England. I had my years in L.A. and in New York. I feel somehow freer here, because I am a foreigner. I heard Robbie Williams say the opposite–that he hated London and felt so much freer in L.A. I have a theory that wherever home is, it is haunted by ghosts. Though in my case the media will cover you in the same way, there is something liberating about being a foreigner.

And I suppose it’s convenient to be a foreigner in a place where people speak English, more or less.

Madonna - Out / April 2006

Exactly. And people read books. And there is a bit more culture and history here, although there is plenty of that in New York. As for L.A., unless you drive. you are kind of like in a prison there. And you can never get away from the industry.
Look, who knows, maybe in a couple of years I’ll get bored and–

Move to Paris.

Oh, yes, such a beautiful city. No wonder they are so stuck-up! You just want to spray perfume all over yourself when you get there.

And the boys.

Maybe your boys, Denis.


I thought you’d never say it.

Now we have to talk about your apparently ageless appearance.

Must we, and what do you mean, “apparently”? [laughs] There is an obsession with the way people look, something beyond what was once a seminormal interest in how celebrities looked and aged. I just did an interview for Harper’s Bazaar and the lady is like, “So have you planned your big five-0?” and I say, “Honey, I haven’t even planned my next birthday party!”

They want to rush you into the next decade and [make you] admit to plastic surgery.

Listen, once you pass 35, your age becomes part of the first sentence of anything written. It’s a form of limiting your options and almost putting you in your place. For women, naturally. Men still get a free pass, more or less.

Try being a gay man over 40, honey! Oh, come on!

Oh, you come on. So how do you stay on your game physically?

The older you get, the more money you spend on facials.

I’m stopping the tape recorder! I want the truth!

Listen, that is true. And everybody knows my exercise regimen. And I avail myself of everything rejuvenating and moisturizing and good for the skin. I am not going to hold a press conference if I have plastic surgery. But as I have said many times, I think about it, like everybody. and I sure don’t rule it out.

OK. I know you’re not a “What if?” kind of person, but what if you were starting out today? Do you think you would have had similar success?

Honestly, I have no idea. Really. The climate is so different; the industry is different. I can only say for sure, I would have been too fat! Yes, yes. When I started out, I was kind of zaftig. I would have had to get anorexia. They would have said, “She is way too chubby.” Otherwise, if I had the same drive and ambition…but really it’s impossible to tell. Luck plays a part in every career too.

Right. And you’re too thin now, I think.

Oh, God, you always say that. You liked me zaftig.

Or pregnant.