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Madonna Interview : Marie Claire UK

Madonna - Marie Claire / September 2012

#2 Everybody saw your amazing entrance at the Super Bowl for the half-time show. Do you always have that confidence?
It had to be an extravaganza. Not only was I entertaining a stadium full of people, but it was also half-time at one of America’s most important sporting events and I knew there would be people watching all around the world. It had to translate on every level. But I have to keep it real. I have to distinguish between what is the Super Bowl and what is real life. When I walk into a room, I don’t feel like I have such a responsibility, but it is nice to make an entrance – perhaps just not as expensive! I am a Leo, so looking good and smelling good are very important. For everyday, though, I just show up to rehearsal with my hair wet and wearing a tracksuit. Sometimes I just don’t have time to make an entrance.

#3 Why has it taken so long for you to create a perfume? And what did you discover during the process?
I have expensive taste. Also, rose is hard to recreate. I used to live in the English countryside and there were wild roses that grew there – they were narcotic, but we could never recreate that smell of an authentic rose, so I decided to go back to the smell of gardenias and tuberose in Truth or Dare. Gardenias have always been a big part of my life – I smell them every day as they surround my homes in Los Angeles and Miami. And I love the smell of whisky. Whenever I smell whisky, I think, ‘Oh, this would make a great men’s cologne.’

#4 As a natural rebel, how do you feel about your teenage daughter, Lourdes?
My daughter has a very strong opinion and she knows what she likes. She has a good sense of style and I like the way she dresses. Sometimes we disagree on things. I don’t like that she shaves her head, but she likes it. Often it’s fun to collaborate with her and I can always go to her and say, ‘Does this look OK? Is this good? No? Shoes? No? High-waisted? Low-waisted?’ She’s a pretty good judge and very critical.

#5 Who is your beauty icon and why do you consider them to be beautiful?
I look up to Frida Kahlo, because she wasn’t a conventional beauty but she had a strong face. She always painted self-portraits and she didn’t try to get rid of her moustache or her eyebrows, whereas other people would try to make themselves look better or be what was accepted by society at that time. I think what makes a woman most beautiful is if she’s proud of who she is and the way she looks, if she owns herself and doesn’t try to hide things or change things, or make something up that doesn’t exist or apologise for who she is or what she looks like.

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