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Madonna Interview : Next

Next: There is a very dark side to the second half of the film.

Madonna: Yes.

Next: When you were considering the script, were you concerned about the…

Madonna: The tonal change?

Next: Yes.

Madonna: Um, only that it flowed effortlessly and that the audience took the ride with you. But I do think it is very reflective of life. I mean, it started out kind of happy – I wouldn’t say carefree – but I don’t think my character or Rupert’s character really thought things out further down the line. I think they lived very much in the moment. And I think what happened to them in the movie happens to lots of people in life. Certainly there are couples who fall in love and marry and have children — never thinking that things may not work out down the line. So what happens as a result of that?

Next: Do you have any friends who have had children by a gay man? And are there assumptions about gay men in the larger world that you hope this film might change or revise?

Madonna: Okay. The first question: yes. I have friends that have had children with gay men. As for the next question, I think gay men truly are interested in raising families and being parents, but I don’t think many people take that very seriously. I hope [the film] changes that misconception. And I think Rupert is a fantastic gay role model because he doesn’t really fit into middle America’s preconceived notion about what gay men are: that sort of effeminate, Nellie, queeny, gay personality. I think he kind of defies all of that. He’s actually quite butch.

Next: Was it your idea to record Don McLean’s “American Pie”?

Madonna: No. It was his – Rupert’s.

Next: Was that actually referenced in the script?

Madonna: Yeah. He suggested it to me.

Next: Did you feel any trepidation in recording a classic as American as “American Pie”?

Madonna: Kind of. Yeah. There was a minute there where I thought it was too corny for words. [Laughs] But everyone else seemed to like it though. I kind of went with the flow.

Next: Has Don McLean heard your version?

Madonna: I don’t know. Probably by now.

Next: You didn’t speak at all about it?

Madonna: No [Laughs]. He’s probably horrified by it!

Next: It seems like you treat a lot of your relationships in a mother-son or mother-daughter sort of way.

Madonna: It does?

Next: Judging from what the public knows about you, it would seem that’s the way it is with Rupert.

Madonna: Actually he’s the one who’s always bossing me around. [Laughs]

Next: Is he like a big brother to you?

Madonna: He’s more like a big bully. [Laughs] He is tall, he is stronger than me and he can wrestle me down to the ground. [Laughs] I do have a maternal kind of role with some of my friends, but I wouldn’t describe my relationship with Rupert like that.