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Madonna Interview : Next

Next: What happens when something you do doesn’t connect with the audience? You just talked about how it sometimes has to be selfish for you.

Madonna: Yeah. I think the creative impulse has to come from a selfish place. I don’t think you can begin being creative by thinking how it’s going to affect other people – because that waters it down and ultimately a creative impulse has to come from a pure place.

Next: How surprising is it to you that so many people have followed you for so long and through all of the different manifestations of Madonna?

Madonna: It’s pretty surprising, actually. I mean, it is. Sometimes I think the things I’m interested in are just too weird for other people to be interested in.

Next: Based on the success of Evita, do you have any plans on doing another movie musical?

Madonna: Um. I would love to. There has been lots of talk over the past few years about doing Chicago, but there seems to be a big disparity between what Miramax wants to spend making the movie and what directors come up with budget-wise, though. Until that happens, I don’t know.

Next: Are there any other projects – film or otherwise – that you are looking to develop right now?

Madonna: Yeah. I mean there’s a script – a play in England that I’m really interested in – a David Hare play that hasn’t been done before. And there are a couple of film projects that are kind of up in the air. One doesn’t have a director attached to it, one does. But I’m really, really picky about stuff, so, there is nothing really specific yet.

Next: Is it getting easier for you to put yourself out there as an actress and face the reaction to your performance? Obviously, your greatest successes have been in other arenas.

Madonna: Um, yeah. I feel much more comfortable with myself as an actress now – that’s for sure. But I don’t really think about the audience. I just think, ‘Okay, A: Do I really love this part?’ and ‘B: I’m going to do the best job I can possibly do because that is the only insurance I’ll have when it comes to audience’s reaction.’

Next: Do you think your fans would be surprised if they knew what kind of mother you are?

Madonna: I don’t know because I don’t know what kind of parent they think I am. I don’t.

Next: Maybe they think you have your kid doing something strange. Like?

Madonna: [Laughs] I’m actually a very strict mother.

Next: How important is a father figure to children as far as you’re concerned?

Madonna: Extremely important. Very, very important.

Next: What has changed in terms of your career since the birth of your daughter?

Madonna: Well, I don’t want to make a movie in a place where she can’t go to school. And wherever I am, I always want to make sure that she and her father have a regular and steady relationship. I’ve turned down a lot of things because of that. I’ve turned down going on world tours, you know, for a long period of time because of that. So, yeah, I’ve given up a lot.

Next: What have you gained?

Madonna: An incredible relationship with my daughter.

Next: Would you ever deter your daughter from going into the entertainment field?
Madonna: No, I wouldn’t. But I would, you know, want to make sure that she knew what she was getting herself into. But I’m sure by the time she is of a decision-making age she will know.

Next: What exactly is Lourdes getting herself into?

Madonna: Well, the climate of the entertainment business changes from decade to decade. So, who knows what it’ s going to be like when she gets older? But I do think you’ve got to be pretty thick-skinned to survive in the entertainment business. I think you have to sort of understand that it is about the big picture and not the small picture. And that everyone’s career is just made up of lots of ups and downs and you have to be prepared for rejection. And you have to do it for the right reason. If your intention is just to become famous and popular , then that’s a pretty bad place to start off. It should come from having skills – being good at what you’re good at – and being talented. It comes from there.

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