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Madonna interview : No1

Madonna - No1 / September 05 1987

Are you ever scared of your own success?

“Yes. ‘Cos I know that lots of people are paying attention to me and watching my every move. Also, I think I feel it more than ever now because I’m doing stadium shows and I get up on stage and I see 65,000 people all standing there and all of a sudden I feel like (sharp intake of breath) you know, I have o big responsibility.”

Would you call it stage fright?

“No, no. It’s like, it’s just that knowing that you’ve sold a certain amount of records or that so many people have bought this magazine is much different than seeing them all in one room and feeling their presence and knowing that they’re there to get something from you.”

Do you enjoy having people look at you?

“Mast of the time! But you know you always have your ugly days when you have a big zit on your face and you don’t want people to see you.”

Madonna gets zits?

“Oh yeah! Ask my make-up artist. Or you just have a bad day – you don’t feel great and people are looking at you when you’re walking down the street and you don’t want them to.”

You seem to handle it better than Sean, though. It seems he just can’t stand being looked at, at any time.

”It’s not that he can’t stand being looked at. He just likes his privacy. He’s a very private person.”

But there us a school of thought that says if you’re a big star you have to accept that sort of invasion into your life. Do you believe that?

“There are certain things you have to accept in this business. That you become a larger than life figure and people wanna know about you. You have to expect a certain amount of an invasion. People walking up to you on the streets, doing interviews, people wanting to know you, touch you. But then you also have to draw the line somewhere.”

And where do you draw the line?

“I draw the line when I get to my house, and I go up my driveway. That’s where the line is. Wherever I live that should be sacred. My own private life and, you know, my romantic life — that’s where I draw the line.”

Do you think your fans understand that there is a line?

“I don’t think that it occurs to them to understand. I mean, if you really, really like someone, or idolize someone. you’ll do anything to find out about them. It depends. Certain people go to extremes. People hang out at the bottom of our driveway a lot and constantly ring our doorbell and they want to see us. They think that we’re going to invite them up for a cup of tea or something!”