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Madonna Interview : Noisey

But I don’t think it’s just that, it’s the way culture has evolved so that women of all ages, are being scrutinized in a way that’s more fiercesome and exacting. It’s not just you, in general, women in the public sphere, especially pop, are in the firing line in a new way.
Like who?

Like the way that everybody dealt with Miley Cyrus, or the minute that Beyoncé’s un-airbrushed photos emerged.
Because we live in a sexist society. We’re not that advanced when it comes to women and women’s rights. Women are a big part of it. Women are the first people to tear other women down. Women do not support other women, and they need to a lot more than they do.

I’ve been snooping on your Instagram and Miley pops up here, there, and everywhere…
She’s my little sister. I like her. I appreciate her sense of humor. She’s irreverent. She’s funny. She gets it. She’s a fighter. She doesn’t give a fuck. She’s an unapologetic bitch.

Your lyrics in “S.E.X.” are pretty explicit. Do your kids ever go, “Ugh, Mom.”
Yes, to that song in particular. It just so happened that for a couple of weeks, every time I was working on that song, my 14-year-old son would walk into the room. He was like, “Mom, aren’t you done with this song? Ugh, God.” Then he’d walk out. I’m like, “Look, this is the professional side of me. And you’re gonna have to deal with it.” He’s cool with it. He’s fine. They accept it.

Is it hard to discipline them when you’ve broken so many rules and played so many roles?
No, because I’m an adult. When they’re adults, they can make decisions for themselves, but until then, they’re going to live according to my rules.

One of my favorite quotes of yours is, “You don’t want to be the smartest person in the room, you want to be the dumbest,” because then you can learn and observe and be inspired. It must be pretty difficult to be the dumbest person in the room these days.
Yeah. That’s true. I have a circle of friends that are worldly and cultured. They read a lot, and are interested in politics and history. I obviously gravitate towards those kinds of people—other artists, creative people—but not all creative people are necessarily intelligent. It’d be nice if they were.

Who do you confide in? Who’s your best friend?
I’m pretty close with my sister Melanie. Other people would be my agent Maha [Dakhil].

Earlier, you said you felt you have so much more to achieve. Like what?
Well, the first thing that I want to do is know that I’ve raised four loving, compassionate, intelligent children that will do good for the world, so that’s one thing. I’d like to make more films and I’m going to. I’d like to be a part of any solution that will bring peace in the world. Whatever that means and whatever that takes. Yeah, I’m at the front of the line. Sign me up. Freedom fighter.

Final question, I know you said you were going to work with Drake, and of course Drake named a song after you on his latest album… he’s kind of cute, no?
Yeah, he’s cute. Why, do you think he’s cute?

I think he’s pretty cute.
He’s cute.

He’s pretty emo but I would date him.
Would you? OK. We could maybe double date him. [Laughs.]

We would share him?
Why not!

There’s enough Drake to go around. So I’ve heard. [Laughs.]

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