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Madonna Interview : Now

Madonna - Now / April 30 2012

Lourdes doesn’t want to be like me

In her only UK interview, Madge talks family, fashion and career

When I found out that I was flying to New York in just 24 hours to meet Madonna for her only UK interview, I felt like pinching myself. At 53, Madge is the undisputed queen of pop with an extraordinary three-decade career behind her. She’s considered by most to be the most famous woman on the planet. And she just doesn’t give interviews – like, ever!

Our meeting, which was filmed for a special Madonna Morning on ITV’s Daybreak and Lorraine, took place at 11pm at the plush Carlyle hotel in central Manhattan. Madonna, looked stunning in black leather trousers and jacket, despite having been busy rehearsing for her tour earlier that day and then attending an event at an NYC department store. Forget all those rumours about diva strops, huge entourages and rudeness – the global megastar was charming, engaging and, unlike so many big stars these days, refreshingly honest…

We miss you in the UK. We don’t see as much of you these days.
I know! [Puts on a British accent] It’s a drag. I miss London, I do. And I’ll be back when I come there on tour. I haven’t been travelling much because I’ve been working so very hard for my loyal fans in the UK.

What do you miss the most – and the least – about the UK?
I miss riding my bike everywhere. I miss the British sense of humour. What do I miss the least? The congestion charge!

Your new album MDNA has been described as empowering for women. Was that your aim?
No, I didn’t really have any particular goal. I knew I wanted to make a record. I felt after three years on a film [she directed recent drama WE], I was really excited about working on music again, playing my guitar, writing songs. I just began working and that’s what came out.

My favourite track has a naughty word in it where you admit that sometimes you, er, muck up! I don’t think people expect you to admit making mistakes….
Why not?

People just think…
That I think I’m right all the time?

No, but you’ve had such an incredibly successful career.
I know, but I still make mistakes. And I have to say I’m sorry to people. I do eff up.

Do you feel you make fewer mistakes as you become more experienced?
No. I think as a human being you just make mistakes period. Hopefully – I think more before I speak and act. But every once in a while I find myself not thinking before I’m speaking and that’s usually when mistakes happen. Don’t you think?

But I think it’s as important to say that I have the right to freedom of expression and am free to be who I am and not settle for less. With all the messages I put out in my music, I think it’s just as important to be able to say: ‘I made a mistake – I messed up.’ It’s equally empowering to admit your mistakes.