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Madonna Interview : Now

Madonna - Now Magazine / June 29 2005

She laughs. ‘I’m definitely not a Material Girl any more. As a performer and as a person you grow over the years and I like to think that I’ve made some improvements. My life is very different now. I have a husband and I have children. Material things don’t have much value for me any more. The truly important things in life have nothing to do with material things or money.’

Married to British film director Guy Ritchie for the past four and a half years, Madonna has achieved what many once thought would be impossible for her – she’s finally settled down.

She’s also become the author of a series of Kabbalah-theme morality stories for children. The recently published fifth book Lotsa De Casha tells the tale of a selfish rich man who learns that the most important thing in life is to share his fortune and look after others.

Of all her achievements, though, Madonna says she’s most proud of being a wife and hands-on mother to Lourdes, eight, and Rocco, four. ‘Once you get married, you suddenly have someone else to think of before you make decisions, before you speak,’ she says.

‘Marriage is a tool for each and every one of us to ultimately make the world a better place. Because if you can get along with your husband or wife and work towards loving them unconditionally, chances are you’re going to be a lot more compassionate and a lot less judgmental towards you fellow man.’

True to form, She insists she has high standards when it comes to raising her kids. ‘I try to instil in my children a sense of responsibility – and when I say responsibility, I mean more than: “OK’ you’ve got to make your bed and pick up the toys in the playroom.”

‘I tell my daughter, because she’s older, that she’s responsible for her brother – he’s going to mimic her behaviour, but she’s also going to learn from him. Her job as an older sister is to teach him and to guide him.

‘The other value that I try to teach my children is appreciation. I tell them that they’re very lucky and that they should maintain a sense of gratitude for everything they have.’

At the Live 8 London concert, the chameleon of pop is rumoured to be showing off her greatest image change yet. She laughs, but for now she’s saying nothing – not even which songs she’ll be singing. I’m looking fonvard to it. It’ll he a great day, but you’ll just have to wait and see what I do.’

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