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Madonna Interview : People

Madonna - People Magazine / December 06 2004

She writes, she worries, she wants another baby (maybe): The singer takes stock

Three months after finishing her Reinvention Tour, Madonna is enjoying quiet time with her family in London. How quiet? A moment ago she was learning the sentimental Irish ode “Danny Boy” on one of the 15 guitars in her office. Children, in fact, are on her mind. She’s just published her fourth book for young readers, The Adventures of Abdi, and, at 46, she says she wouldn’t mind getting pregnant again. She talked about her plans with PEOPLE’s Todd Gold.

First of all, what’s with “Danny Boy”? Have you gone mushy?

I’m all over the place. I play all kinds of stuff. I’m writing for this musical I’m working on, based on the life story of Texas Guinan, a woman who was a silent movie star and hell-raiser during Prohibition. It’s a good story, but I don’t know if it’s acceptable or not. I have to record another album, but I don’t really like the idea of just making another record. So I’m throwing a lot of balls in the air and will see what happens.

Tell me about writing children’s books.

My focus is to turn The English Roses [her first children’s book] into a world of adventure and inspiration for girls. I want to turn it into a film. I want there to he an English Roses column where girls write in and ask questions. I want to be able to help girls and in the process help myself.

What do you need help with these days?

I need to calm myself. I don’t have a manager anymore, so now I’m my own everything. Then I’m the person who’s standing at the door when my husband comes home from work, waiting to rub his feet. And I’m the person who helps my kids with their homework and puts them to bed. I’m exhausted. That’s really my problem now. I no longer have time to be creative. That’s why I was so happy to be playing my guitar today.

What’s your response to Elton John’s saying that you lip-synched?

Madonna - People Magazine / December 06 2004

When I read about it I was surprised because I’ve always thought of Elton as a friend. I’ve always had friendly exchanges. I’ve had tea at his country house. I’ve had dinner at his house in the city. I’ve gone out to dinner at restaurants and we have mutual friends. He was obviously having a bad day.