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Madonna Interview : People

You were just inducted into the U.K. Music Hall of Fame.

It was very emotional, it’s taken me a longtime to feel confortable in England, like it’s my home and I’m welcome here, so it meant a lot to me. And Gwyneth [Paltrow] and Stella [McCartney] did a tribute film to me that was hysterical, so I was surrounded by people I love.

Do you give parenting advice to Gwyneth?

Yeah. I tell her to stop trying to be Supermom. She’s a hardworking girl and she didn’t have a nanny for ages. I kept asking how she did it. She’s a very good mother.

Now Stella Is pregnant.

I know. It’s great.

What’s in the water here?

I don’t know, but I’m going to be taking a drink from that glass.

Does that mean you’re going to try to get pregnant again?

It means I’m going to have fun with my husband and see what happens.

Madonna - People Magazine / December 06 2004

During your tour, there were rumors that your study of Kabbalah and your teachers caused tension between you and Guy. True?

No. If anything, it’s helped our marriage. No one’s going to write anything good about Kabbalah; actually, they will but not for a while.

Everything seems to be going so well for you — from family to career to spirituality. What are your bad habits?

I worry about everything – if I’m exposing my children to the right things, if I said the right thing in an interview, if I spent too much money on the furniture for the house I’m renovating in the country, if I’m taking care of all the people I’m supposed to care for. I’m a worrywart. I’m really a lot like everybody else.

Does that mean you also worry about your butt getting bigger every year?

Yeah, I worry about that too. I really worry about that.

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