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Madonna Interview : Q Magazine

Madonna - Q Magazine / December 1994

Well, what music spoke to Madonna as a kid ? Was it Motown?

“That’s what was always on the radio; what my friends were listening to. Other people influenced me too. I was always listening to classical music at my ballet lessons, Mozart and Chopen and Vivaldi, Bach, so I knew that. And there was music my father always listened to which was Bennett, Henry Mancini, Harry Bellafonte.”

Q: Did you not hate that stuff on principle daughter ought?

“No, I loved it.”

Q: What about The Beatles?

“They were there. but I was more eager about the Supremes. I was really into girl groups. But my older brothers were playing them, so I’d say they weresubliminal influence on me.”

Q: What was the first record you bought?

“Young Girl by Gary Puckett & The Union Gap”

Q: In the civil war uniforms! Their follow-up to Lady Will Power, which was almost the same

[She sings it.) “Lady, willpower… It’s now or Never!”

Q: Your first concert?

“I think it was David Bowie. And he blew my mind. Ziggy Stardust in Detroit. What he did on stage was so inspiring, because he was so theatrical.

Q: Was that significant? The cliche about him, that he always changed identities …

“I’ve heard that. I respect him as, an artist, learn from his music. He really played with ideas, iconography and imagery. and his work was provocative. He’s a brilliant man. And a great man, too.”

Q: Who did you see in the clubs when you are in New York? Debbie Harry?

“I never saw her perform live with Blondie. One group I saw around that time who blew me away was Kraftwerk, they were amazing, John Lydon, too, with Public Image, the one time I’ve been to a concert where I thought I was to get crushed in the mob. Mm. who else did I see…

Q: Chrissie Hynde ?

“Yeah! I saw her play in Central Park: she’s amazing. The only woman I’d seen in performance where I thought, Yeah, she’s got balls, she’s awesome!”

Q: Did you think, There’s a woman there, I can’t do it too?

“No, I knew that I could do it: she didn’t give licence to think that I could do it. But it gave me courage, inspiration, to see a woman with that kind of confidence in a man’s world.”

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