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Madonna Interview : Q Magazine

Q: Have you done analysis?

Madonna: Yes.

Q: Do you still do it?

Madonna: Yes.

Q: Do you find it more or less helpful than before?

Madonna: I go back and forth. Sometimes I think there’s nothing new I’m going to figure out. Or that we’re retreading the same old territory and I’ll get fed up. And then a light bulb will turn on about something and I’ll have an epiphany. I don’t always go. I just go when I think I need to.

Q: Is it not tremendously expensive?

Madonna: It is in this town. Lawyers and shrinks… I’m in the wrong business.

Q: What’s your earliest memory?

Madonna: [What seems an interminable pause – actually, 29 seconds] I’ve got loads of memories from childhood, but I’m not sure which came first… Falling asleep between my parents bed… Stepping in a can of paint when my father was painting the fence… Sticking my finger in a cigarette lighter to see if it really was hot like my father told me.

Q: Is that what you’ve been doing ever since – sticking your hand in a flame to see if it’s hot?

Madonna: [Ruefully] Yes… But I have a very vivid memory of that. I remember my father kept saying, Look that’s really hot. See how red it is? So don’t put your finger in it. I was thinking, But how do I know if it’s really hot if I don’t put my finger in it? So I did and I got absolutely no sympathy. Nothings changed, ha ha!

Q: What’s the most hurtful thing that’s ever been written about you?

Madonna: Oh God, I’m sure there’s plenty of things that I don’t know about. [Long pause, she places her arms awkwardly between her knees]. I suppose the worst thing was people accusing me of having a baby for attention. That was pretty ridiculous. I phase it out.

Q: Than there was the speculation that Carlos Leon had been chosen as some sort of sperm donor.

Madonna: [Coldly] Rather than my lover, yes. Though that was probably more hurtful to him than me. They’re keen, with me, to ignore the possibility that it might have something to do with love or feeling and make it all seem planned or manipulated or calculated, which is a notion that a lot of people seem to have about me. But falling in love or having a baby, I’d have thought that was one of the more basic human things that anyone can relate to, and some people didn’t even want to let me have that. But that’s OK, because I have my beautiful baby and they don’t.

Q: And Carlos hasn’t been paid off in order to stay away?

Madonna: Absolutely not. He’s with her right now. She’s absolutely daddy’s little girl.

Q: Are you ever embarrassed by old album covers?

Madonna: They’re a map of my life. But I do look at old photographs of myself and think, Someone should have arrested me, someone should have stopped me from doing my hair that way.

Q: What was your cruelest fashion error?

Madonna: All errors are cruel. They’re all great and they’re all crap. Everyone’s down on the ’80s right now, but I thought the ’80s was fabulous and I’m sure Boy George would agree with me.

Q: It was quite an unpretentious decade, in the sense that it’s pretensions were completely transparent. To hear some people talk, all it was was plastic music for a cocaine-addled generation.

Madonna: [Cracks up] Oh yeah! And what’s going on now? Nothing’s changed. Right now everyone’s into the ’70s, revisiting the ’70s whether it’s in music or movies and fashion.When we get further away from the ’80s we’ll do the same thing. It’ll be celebrated and analyzed and perhaps appreciated.