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Madonna Interview : Q Magazine

Madonna - Q Magazine / May 2008

Deborah Harry [Blondie] : What motivates you in life?

The word “no”. [Laughs!]

KTTunstall : Do you still feel 18 or was there a moment you felt you had become a woman?

Sometimes I feel 18. Sometimes I feel 13. A point when I felt I had become a woman? Probably when I had a baby [her first child, Lourdes, was born in 1996] But most of the time I definitely don’t act older than a teenager. And that’s a good thing.

Russell T Davies [Doctor Who producer] : When did you last go to the supermarket?

I went to the supermarket a couple of months ago. Just a local… one of those… are they Kwik Marts? What did I buy? Marshmallows. [Laughs] For toasting? Yeah, my son wanted them.

Sarah Harding [Girls Aloud] : What’s the most ridiculous story you’ve heard about yourself?

[22 seconds of silence] The thing is, I’ve heard so many that none stick out in my head. I don’t read newspapers, so I’m a little bit out of the zeitgeist of the rumors about me. Where do I get my news from? Well, I go to the internet and I get the basic headlines about what’s going on in the world. I don’t really like to read any newspapers or magazines because mixed in with the news there’s lots of gossip, so you want to avoid that. Honestly, I don’t even think about it enough, or pay attention enough, to even know how to respond to that question.

Simon Le Bon : Why did you call yourself Esther?

Why did I call myself Esther? [Clarifying] Why did I take on that as a spiritual name? Um, well… tell him to read The Book Of Esther [in the Old Testament] And then he’ll know. Esther means “concealed”. What do I think of the name “Simon Le Bon”? Er, well, Simon comes from the name Shimon. Shimon was one of the sons of Jacob. So he’s got a Biblical name, too. [Laughs]

Alex James : Old Spots or Tamworths?

What? [Q explains they’re pedigree pig breeds] I don’t understand why anyone would ask that. I don’t… I don’t like pigs. I’m not drawn to them as an animal. I don’t eat them. I like horses. I like Irish Draught horses or Irish Sport horses the best. Why? Cos they’re lovely to ride. They go fast [laughs] Do different horses have different temperaments? Oh yes. The grumpiest is a pregnant mare. [Laughs]

Noel Fielding [The Mighty Boosh] : Would you like to be able to turn yourself into a hawk? If so, when would it come in useful?

[Jumpily] A hawk? [Silence] No. I wouldn’t want to be a hawk. I wouldn’t want to be a pig either. Weird questions. [Q notes that hawks are regarded for their excellent eyesight and high avian IQ] Well, intelligence and amazing eyesight always come in handy [laughs] Would I like to transform myself into any animal? No. [Considers this] I wouldn’t mind being a horse. Yeah, I’d like to be a racehorse. Yeah. And of course I’d have to win. That goes without saying.

Kate Pierson [The B-52s] :In your experience, who is more expert at “tipping the velvet” – men or women?

I don’t think it comes down to “men” or “women”. l just think that there are “better men” and “better women”.

Pete Wentz [Fall Out Boy] : What’s it like to be the world’s biggest gay icon and not be gay?

How does he know I’m not gay? No, I’m just kidding. It feels great. If it’s true. Why do I think that might be? Because since the very beginning of my career I’ve always promoted freedom of expression and embracing the idea of being different. Independence of thought; fighting any kind of oppression. And also: I’m a diva. I think “queer nation” and “diva” just go together. The diva in them recognized the diva in me. All my banging dance floor tunes? Well, yes. That goes without saying