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Madonna Interview : Q Magazine

Madonna - Q Magazine / November 2006

Who is your favorite artist of the last 20 years?

There are too many to list.

Your biggest fashion disaster?

Well, one day I forgot to get dressed, and decided to hail a cab in the nude on the streets of Miami. Oh yeah, and Steven Meisel photographed it (for 1992’s notorious Sex book). Of course, 1 did have my shoes and a handbag.

If you could talk to yourself 20 years ago, what advice would you give?

There isn’t any. Life is to be experienced and learned from.

Your favorite drug of the last 20 years?

Double espresso.

You recently said you no longer read magazines or newspapers. So where do you get your information about the world at large?

From friends, co-workers and people I trust and respect.

Did your riding accident change the way you looked at your life? (Madonna broke her collarbone, ribs and bones in her hand after falling off a horse last year.]

Yes! It was a wake-up call to appreciate my life, to be more grateful for what I have. It reaffirms my continued aspirations to learn and do as much as I can while I’m on this earth.

What have been your best and worst haircuts of the last 20 years?

Not sure about my best. My worst was when I made an attempt to do the Princess Leia buns. But she had hair extensions. Not fair.

We heard that Channel 4 weren’t keen on all the swearing in (the 2005 TV documentary) I’m Going To Tell You A Secret. Did you get in that position of trading swear words or did you stand your ground?

Actually. Channel 4 were great partners. I only had to lose one “motherfucker”.

What’s left on your life’s to-do list?

What’s left? I haven’t even gotten started.

Where will you be in 20 minutes?

In the car headed to the airport.
Gotta run…

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