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Madonna Interview : Record Mirror

Madonna - Record Mirror / February 26 1983

Smooth Talking

Macho hunks with ripping muscles don’t interest rising disco star Madonna.

“I prefer effeminate looking men and young boys,” she purrs. “There are a lot of very sweet Puerto Rican boys where I live and if it outrages people when we go out together, that’s fine by me.”

“15 or 16 year old boys are best and I like smooth thin men who aren’t afraid to show their emotions and cry. I want to caress a nice smooth body, not a hunk.”

Green eyed Madonna’s single ‘Everybody’ is creating a lot of interest and her live shows with three litle black dancers have been creating a stir in London clubs.

“I’m a very sexual person but I want my brain to be appreciated as well,” says Madonna. “I look good on stage, very good, but I don’t wear costumes that I’m going to fall out of. That would be rather cheap.”

“I see myself as an entertainer to make people forget about the horrors of the world. I’m an escape route. I wrote ‘Everybody’ because we all need a lover and everybody wants to be loved.”

Madonna was born in Detroit 22 years ago and after her mother died she looked after nine brothers and sisters.

“I’m kind of having my childhood now,” she says. “When I was younger there was a lot of responsibility on me. I’d come home from school and there would be nappies on the line and mouths to feed.”

“My father insisted that each of us should play a musical instrument, but I only really wanted to dance and sing.”

Madonna left home when she was 17 and came to New York where she auditioned as a backing singer and dancer for Patrick Hernandez, whose best known hit was ‘Born To Be Alive.’ But Patrick’s record company decided that she was too good for the chorus line and decided to make her a star in her own right.

“I could hardly believe it,” she recalls. “I tried to be very calm when they told me what they wanted me to do, but underneath I was on cloud nine”

“They flew me to Paris to have vocal training and they put me in an apartment with a chauffeur and a maid. But my career didn’t seem to be taking off, it was a case of ‘Oh well, something will happen tomorrow.’ I was a bird in a gilded cage.”

“In the end I just decided to leave. I even left most of my clothes there. I should think they were so angry that they probably burned them.”

So Madonna tried the hard way, which she found more satisfying. She toured the New York club scene, particularly the Danceteria, making contacts. One night a DJ saved her life and played some of her stuff.

“The audience reaction was very good indeed and layer lots of people wanted to sign me,” says Madonna. “I don’t think that anything really happens by luck. Father taught me that you have to work hard for what you get, nothing ever falls in your lap.”

Madonna’s album will be out soon and her next single will be ‘Burning Up’.

“It’s about somebody being totally consumed with desire,” she sighs. “You know that feeling you get when you ache for somebody. Oh yes, it’s happened to me and I hope a lot of people have ached for me.”

Madonna - Record Mirror / February 26 1983

“The music I do is energetic danceable stuff and my sound is becoming much lusher and thicker now. I love old Motown stuff. I love that innocent but strong sexuality they used to get, and Michael Jackson was such a sweet little boy.”

“It’s good that music is coming from the streets right now. Disco has been run by the smooth operators for too long, now it’s going back to the people which is nice. I’m sure it will probably be snapped up and manipulated in turn again, but the streets will pretty soon rise up in some way.”

“I live very close to that scene. I live on the lower East Side and it’s the kind of place where you have to take a cab home right to your front door and you don’t go out alone at night.”

“But the atmosphere there is very exciting and I wouldn’t want any hunk around to protect me.”

Interview by Robin Smith © Record Mirror