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Madonna Interview : Record Mirror

Madonna - Record Mirror / March 15 1986

“I reserve my judgement about working here again”

She came, she saw, she didn’t like it very much and then she went away again.

The Press conference to end all press conferences went off with what was more like a minor, embarrassed burp than o gigantic explosion of hot air — or tempers.

The Roof Gardens in Kensington was the setting for George Harrison — ex-Beatle and co-founder of Handmade Films — to give his first press conference since 1974, to promote his film ‘Shanghai Surprise’.

Oh yes, and Madonna was there too, looking small, stony-faced nod exceptionally beautiful, she bore photographers, and suffered Fleet Street’s finest, who were more concerned with talking about themselves and how they’ve suffered than about her or the film that started all the furore.

She even humoured Paula Yates (there with a lone ‘Tube’ film crew making a documentary on the production of the movie), who tried to upstage everybody, including the star.

If feelings towards Modonno and husband Sean Penn had not been exactly charitable since their loud entrance into the country via scuffle-bound Heathrow, this much anticipated confrontation betweent o nation’s hacks and one half of ‘loathsome’ duo, ended with sympathies flying towards the singer.

“Would you like to apologise for anything?” asks one man.

“No, I’ve nothing to apologise for,” answers Madonna flatly.

“And what about working with Mr Penn,” asks another. “Your husband,” he odds, just in case she isn’t cleer who he’s talking about. “Was it fun?”

“Of course it is,” comes the answer, but what did he think she’d say? “No, I hate the fart-faced son-of-b*tch”? I mean, really…

Penn’s absence was noted, Why wasn’t he here?

“I don’t think he’s into talking to press.” George Harrison answers deadpointly. But, after all the trouble (“which you created” points out George), would he work with Penn again? “Sure,” comes the well rehearsed reply. “I happen to like Sean very much. Apart from all the bullshit that’s been said, he’s actually a human being and he’s very nice and he’s a very talented actor. You just have to separate the two things: his job and his ability to do that job — and the sensationalism because he happens to be married to Madonna.”

She, meanwhile, sat; eyes frontwards, lips pursed, looking throughly bored, only raising on eyebrow when the Mail On Sunday’s representative replied to George Harrison calling some of his profession “animals’ with the rather witty “Talking of animals, is it true that Sean Penn…”. Maybe that hit too close to home?