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Madonna Interview : Record Mirror

On the press

‘When Robert DeNiro comes into the airport, are there 20 photographers who sit on his limousine and won’t allow him to leave?”

“I don’t think Al Pacino has been hounded — or Robert — the way I’ve been.”

And regarding what they write about her? “I did in the beginning, then I stopped. It’s pointless — because it’s not tree.”

On being the new Monroe

“I don’t think anyone can borrow something from someone’s porsonality. No, I don’t consider myself that.”

On Patsy Kensit being the new Madonna

“I know of her as an actress. I’ve not heard the comparisons and no, I have nothing to soy to her.”

On music versus film

“It takes longer to make o movie than it does to make an album, therefore, I find that even if I make maybe one, or even two, movies a year, I still have severol months left to make more records than I make movies.”

And in the film? “I’m not really thinking about the musical aspects of the movie. I’m just trying to concentrate on the acting.”

GH: “At this point in time, I’m doing the music. But if she wants to, she’s welcome to — but she wasn’t hired as a musician.”

On being naked

Swedish reporter: “How is Madonna in the film? Is she, perhaps, naked?”

Modonno: “No, that is something somebody made up. There are no scenes like that. There are no naked women in the movie.”

GH: “Lots of naked men though!”

On coping with success

“I never could have imagined it could have been like this. Yes, it was a surprise, but I can handle it. I can still laugh about it, so I guess I’m all right”

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