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Madonna Interview : Record Mirror

Madonna - Record Mirror / March 24 1984

Have a good look while you can – this is your last chance to see Madonna appearing like this.

“I’m getting tired of being compared to Marilyn Monroe,” she says. “I still wear lots of jewellery, but I’m tired of wearing all that stuff as well, because Cyndi Lauper’s doing it now.”

“What I’m doing now is letting my hair grow out. And it’s going back to its natural color, which is actually dark. But I think I’m still going to look pretty wild and eclectic.”

Madonna’s crashed into the charts again with “Lucky Star”, but like her last hit “Holiday”, the song is actually quite old. It’s just taken a long time for for her record company Warner Brothers to capitalize on the singles.

It’s something that the disco singer recons has a lot to do with good old male chauvinism.

Madonna - Record Mirror / March 24 1984

“Actually, it has been hard making it as a women,” she says. ” I had to do everything on my own and it was very hard to convince people that I was worth a record deal.”

“After that I had the same problem trying to convince the record company that I had more to offer than a one-off girl singer.”

“Warner Brothers is a hierarchy of old men, and it’s a chauvinistic environment to be working in because I’m treated like this sexy little girl. I have had to prove them wrong, which has meant not only proving myself to my fans but to my record as well, that is something that happens when you’re a girl. It wouldn’t have happened to Prince or Michael Jackson.”

Now Madonna is working on a new album in New York with Chic guitarist Nile Rodgers – who produced Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”. Her DJ boyfriend Jellybean will only work on one track because he’s got his own work and is a technician rather than a musician, says Madonna.

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