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Madonna interview : Record Mirror

Madonna - Daily Record / May 19 1984

Clubland morns! Hang on to your hats, nightpeople – Doyenne of post-midnight dance developments, Madonna, has some bad news. The brand new Queen of disco, only recently elevated to that heady throne, is set to abdicate – about to desert her home from home – and break a million hearts en route…

“I’m not going to blubs half as much as I used to. I like to get to bed early now – I don’t want to stay up and party.”

Whaaat? No more intoxicating choreographed delight? No more sensuous swaying till dawn? No more regal demonstrations at the Funhouse?

“No! All that music like Freeez – Yuk! It doesn’t have any feeling and that’s all they play at the Funhouse. It’s all Jellybean (Madonna’s sometime paramour) ever plays – he decides, he gives the crowd their taste. I used to like it at the Funhouse but I don’t go there anymore – it’s too much too commercial. All that electro stuff gets on my nerves – it doesn’t have any longevity, it won’t be remembered.”

What on earth will you do if discos no longer held their former appeal?

“Oh I go to the movies practically every day… and I read a lot too.”

Madonna forsaking loud music and dark corners for the printed page and the silver screen? This is too much!

“But I do like things to be a bit sick. That film “The Nightporter” with Dirk Bogarde and Charlotte Rampling… Oh my God! …what an incredible movie. And “Salo”… absolutely sick! And Roman Polanski – he’s made a lot of really sick movies!”

Sickness and sleaze has replaced dancin’ an’ romancin’?

“Not sleaze! But I do like realness. “The Nightporter” touches on a subject people don’t like to talk about – that people are drawn to things that cause them pain – they want it. I’m drawn to those kind of things.”

So you’re obsessive?

“Uh huh. But I’m not going to tell you about them! There’s just a few…”

But they take up a lot of your waking hours?


Do books feed those obsessions?

“Yes, but I go through phases – I just read Roman Polanski’s biography, that was lovely and juicy. I like stories – that Edie Sedwick book, it’s not just about a person, it’s a period of time, an era.”

Are you in love with the sixties?

“Well, all the music from that time, that Motown stuff – the Supremes, the Miracles, Martha reeves, the Shirelles, the Ronettes – they’re the quintessential pop songs. I also liked the Archies, Gary Puckett and psychedelic stuff like Strawberry Alarm Clock. Those clothes too – the gowns, the shark skin suits – no-one in showbiz dresses that good now.”

Not Boy George?

“Yuk! That makes me sick…”