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Madonna Interview : Rock Video

Madonna - Rock Video / December 1984

She doesn’t care what people think

“I don’t sit around thinking what people think of me,” says Madonna when she talks about the image she creates of her videos. With a Wildly successful first album (so hot, in fact, that the second album was held up because there were more hits on the first one) and strong visual statements in her videos, Madonna has had a great deal of impact. But she’s still working on creating her image, and real-izes that what people see of her on video may not be all she really is.

“I think in the “Boderline” video I come off as being pretty vulnerable, actually,” she says when asked if she thinks of herself as a “tough” person. She says “vulnerable” but then adds that she also feels that on video she comes across as “certainly someone who knows what they want. So if that’s what you mean by tough maybe that’s what people think of me, but I don’t know.”

Next Video

Madonna’s next video will coincide with the release of her new album, Like A Virgin. The video was made in Venice, Italy. “I had such a wonderful time there,” she says. The “Like A Virgin” video was made in Venice because “we just felt that Venice symbolized so many things. Like virginity. And I’m Madonna, and I’m Italian.”

“There were just so many things. We wanted to use the idea of Venice. And we wanted to use opposing ideas in the video,” she explains. “We wanted me to be my modern-day, very worldy-wise girl that I am. But then we wanted to go back in time and use like an ancient virgin. Me, back and forth. So throughout the whole video I keep going back and forth. It starts off in New York in a boat. And I get off the boat, and when I get off it changes to Venice. I keep going back and forth.”

Madonna - Rock Video / December 1984

“I’m chasing this man, who’s in a carnivals mask. I’m chasing him through Venice. It keeps going back from the way I look right now to me in a very old, white lace dress in all the decrepit areas of Venice. It’s very beautiful.”

In a sense the “Like A Virgin” video is a costume drama, and a definite elaboration of Madonna’s style. She is showing more of her personality, and her strong video image as an actor on the video. The video is also surreal, with Madonna in the white lace dress costume with her hair “in a French twist with little curls hanging down my face. The make-up is very different, very pale and kind of blueish purple to make it look very old.”

“It was the whole feeling, the way the make-up was and the veils over my face and netting and stuff over me. And then
it goes back to me all bright and modern.”


Faith Having come to New York from her native Detroit with $35 in her pocket and complete faith in herself to make it, Madonna has shown that she is a strong, talented performer. Now that “Boderline” and the other hits off her first album have established her, and she’s been seen in her first series of videos, the next step in her career includes the new album, Like A Virgin, a departure in her style with the new video, and plans to get a band together to go out on tour. But underlining everything she does (and the “Like A Virgin” video is a good example of this), is the attitude that who and what Madonna is. is very much what Madonna decides.

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