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Madonna Interview : Rock Video

Madonna - Rock Video / February 1985

Madonna is one of those singers whose voice just hits you when you hear it over the radio. And when you see her… well, even she admits that she thinks she’s sexy. Her first LP yielded such smash singles as “Borderline” and “Lucky Star” – the new album, Like A Virgin, has more. In this talk, Madonna reveals her thoughts about love, stardom, hard work and her dream to conquer the world.

LR: Your work thing seems to be pretty much under control. What about the rest of your life? Or is there a rest of your life at this point?

Madonna: There is a rest of my life and it’s important to me, and that’s the part that’s not in control.

LR: Don’t you think that’s part of an artistic nature?

Madonna: There has to be something that’s off and that’s my personal life and relationships with people. They’re totally irrational. I can’t say that I’m enjoying every minute of my personal life being topsy-turvy.

LR: People meaning Boyfriends?

Madonna: Not only boyfriends, but friends as well. Friends don’t understand. They get pissed off when you don’t return phone calls. And boyfriends definitely don’t understand. They constantly hold it against you. They have perfect toming. Whenever you have an audition to something where you really have to concentrate and be in a good mood, they mess it up. They start a fight, they whatever. It just always happens for me that way.

LR: If you do have a fight before you have to do something, are you able to pull it together, or do you still fall apart?

Madonna: I’ve been upset, but I’ve always gone on stage. I’ve had fights with people right before I’ve gone on stage. I’ve gone on stage with tears in my eyes. I’ve just dealt with it and it wasn’t the greatest performance or anything, but I could always go on stage. That’s all there is to it. Unless, ya know, like my father died or something. But so far, I’ve been able to deal with any emotional distress and be really professional about it.

LR: Do you think you’re sexy?

Madonna: Yes.

LR: Do you find that a problem, or do you think it’s an advantage?

Madonna: It’s an advantage being sexy. Yes.

LR: Do you want people to know you’re smart?

Madonna: Yes.

LR: Do you think people think you’re not?

Madonna: People are surprised.

LR: Why don’t you perform with a band?

Madonna: Well, I started doing dates with backing tracks to promote my last album and no one ever thought that my album was going to do that well. Warner Bros, certainly didn’t; they wanted to get me in the studio and do a new record, do I never planned to get a band together. I never planned for my record to go platinum, which it’s three records away from being. (Actually, the album is now double platinum and still climbing – Ed.) No one ever planned for it so I was always going to put out a new record and then go on tour to support that with a band.