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Madonna interview : Rolling Stone

Carrie: Cherish.

Madonna Yeah, in a super-hyper-positive state of mind that I knew was not going to last.

Carrie: Do you like gifts? What’s the best gift you’ve ever gotten?

Madonna Letters. And I’ve gotten some really beautiful jewelry from Warren. He has excellent taste in jewelry: neckhlaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, pins, beautiful brooches – antique stuff. It’s rare that a guy will give you really good jewelry. I was shocked, pleasantly. Most people just go out and use their own bad taste.

Carrie: Do you get gifts for men?

Madonna Oh, yeah. My gift giving comes in the first few weeks of dating.

Carrie: That’s when you give head.

Madonna They’re not getting head from me, they’re getting gifts from Maxfield.

Carrie: I want to go back to your perfect date. This is your version of an ad. What’s the ideal? We know about letters and good memory.

Madonna Gotta smell good.

Carrie: Their own body smell or do you like a particular after-shave?

Madonna I’m not crazy about colognes. Some people just smell good, and it doesn’t have anyhting to do with something they put on. Smell good and be clean, those are really important things. Another essential thing about a guy is that he’s got to be able to pay his own rent. Not the rent on my house, just his own rent.

Carrie: What’s a good date – movies, dinner?

Madonna Both. Dinner is really good.

Carrie: What kind of restaurant?

Madonna Where they have good margaritas.

Carrie: So a Mexican restaurant?

Madonna No, I hate Mexican food. But Muse [in L.A.] has great margaritas. the lighting is really good there; you can’t see the zits that I always have.

Carrie: I don’t see them.

Madonna I’m dying to meet someone who knows more than me. I keep meeting guys who know less.

Carrie: It’s not going to be easy to find somebody who knows more than you and is more powerful. In every situation you have to compromise. What are you willing to compromise?

Madonna Okay, he doesn’t have to have a good memory.

Carrie: So, you rather go for smarter.

Madonna Smarter over sweeter. When you have a conversation and then a week later you say, “You said you were going to do this,” and the other person says, “I never said that” – that drives me crazy.

Carrie: Do you get to say everything that you want to say when you get in those arguments?

Madonna Yes, because I always go: “Shut up! Just shut up! Let me say what I have to say!” And they shut up.

Carrie: I let mine build up, and then I come out with this hairball of observation.

Madonna And it’s so forceful that whoever is standing in the room has to shut up. I save up lines. I save up what I consider to be really incredible things to say to somebody to really wound them.

Carrie: And does it?

Madonna Yeah.

Carrie: Do you imagine getting married again like you got married before?

Madonna No, Carrie, no, no. You don’t make those kind of mistakes twice.

Carrie: So, next time you’ll just do it off to one side, like a salad?

Madonna Yeah, it’ll be a side-dish kind of thing.

Carrie: Just do it and get it over with, and it’ll be like something that just happened. “Oh, by the way – I got married.”

Madonna No, I don’t want to do it like that. I wouldn’t want to treat it like coleslaw or anything. I guess I’d just like to think of it as spa cusine versus full twelve-course meal.

Carrie: Would you have to be with someone who you couldn’t ask for a prenuptial agreement?

Madonna No, I’d have to be with somebody who I could ask for one. They’d have to be not insulted if I asked for one – bottom line.

Carrie: So you just have to have someone who is really confident.

Madonna Confident, smells good, smart.

Carrie: Is that the order?

Madonna No. Smart, confident, smells good, sense of humor, likes to write letters, likes antique jewelry. The three toppers are smart, smells good, confident.

Carrie: Sense of humor – can’t take that out.

Madonna Carrie, do you have anyhting really important left to ask me?

Carrie: No, I think we’ve covered it. We talked about your movie.

Madonna I explained the spanking issue.

Carrie: That was very good for me.

Madonna We discussed growing old, having children, getting married and what I’m going to do with my life.

Carrie: And breast cancer and skin.

Madonna What else is there?

Carrie: We just have to get that information for the blind date. Muse, margaritas, letters. I think we’re done.

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