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Madonna Interview : Rolling Stone

Do you ever see Guy in action, directing? Does it turn your crank?
Yes. It’s fabulous. I feel very proud. I’m beaming with pride when I watch him direct. Because he’s really good at what he does. And it’s hard to find someone that’s really good at what they do.

You have a baby on the way, and your album is out, and his movie “Snatched” is out shortly. What is with you people? How about some rest here?
Why rest? I’ll rest when I’m dead. I’m hungry, and life is short. I don’t like to sit still, and neither does he. Believe me, I didn’t plan to have the baby and put a record out at the same time. And I had no idea that he was gonna be releasing his movie around the same time. So it just sort of all converged at once. And we’ll see what pops out first [laughs].

You have said that when you met Guy, at a dinner at Sting and Trudie Styler’s house, you had an immediate reaction to him. How about him? Did he have designs on you?
Well, he later told me that he never would have come to the party if I wasn’t gonna be there. So he had something on his mind. I mean, I don’t think he had spending his life with me, or having a baby with me, on his mind. But I think he was curious to meet me — definitely.

What attracted you? Was he confident?
Very, very confident. In fact, I was very taken by his confidence. He is very sort of … cocky, but in a self-aware way. So it was very funny. Like, “You play your cards right, kid, and maybe I’ll put you in one of my movies” type of thing [laughs]. He was kidding. But I thought he was really sweet.

What did you miss about America when you were in England?
I missed the French vanilla nondairy creamer that you put into coffee. I combed the stores for it. What else did I miss? Well, because I was pregnant — and I’m a bit of a hypochondriac — I have doctors in every city. I’m the nightmare patient, by the way, because I know everything. I do all kinds of research. There, it’s much harder to get an appointment. I’ve got all my doctors’ home phone numbers — forget about it there. I mean, you’re lucky if you can just get the doctor on his office phone number. It’s a very much more kind of formal profession there than it is here. Other than that, I only miss, you know, my things: my paintings, and my backyard, and my bed, and the normal comforts of home.

What were the last three CDs you listened to?
The soundtrack to Big Night. I think I listened to that last night, because my boyfriend likes to cook to it. You know that song? [Sings] “Hey, mambo — mambo Italiano.”

Right — Louis Prima.
It’s a big favorite in our house. That and a Left Field CD. And there’s a CD called — well, Jason Bentley is this DJ who works for us at Maverick, and he put a compilation of things together for me from this label called Naked Music, a very small label in San Francisco. And I couldn’t even tell you who they all were, but it’s just really cool. There’s a singer called Lisa Shaw, I know that. She sings on a track called “Always,” I think? It’s so cool.

What do you think about the musical landscape right now in America?
[Smirks] Thinking does not really come into the picture.

When is the reign of teen pop going to end? It always goes in cycles, but. …
But can a reaction hurry up, please? Will someone just start puking? Can we have some version of the punk-music movement again?

In the meantime, the current crop is still hanging on.
What — kiddie bands? I hope not much longer. We always talk about it at our house. Because there are so many great people in the music business who are languishing right now. Especially a lot of the great English bands. You talk to the guys from Massive Attack, or Tricky, or Goldie or any of those people — it’s like there’s no outlet for any of their music. Record companies don’t know what to do with them. I mean, the only people buying records are teenagers. God, it’s depressing. I mean, I hope people like my music.

Please. You know they will.
Listen, I swear to you — I don’t know anything. It’s a slippery slide to get on. And I keep my fingers crossed. I have the best intentions. I worked hard — that’s all I can do, you know?

It’s an interesting visual, your album nestled amid all the dreck in the Top Ten.
I know. Well … who knows? I mean, I’ve been told that I have inspired Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears [rolls her eyes]. So maybe it’s not so strange that I could be in the mix of them. I’m not sure.