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Madonna Interview : Sky Magazine

Madonna - Sky / March 1993

Isn’t it confusing to remember which hat you’re meant to have on?

You mean switching gears in the working? Well, it’s hard. For instance, I’ve been rehearsing for my new movie, Snake Eyes, directed by Abel Ferrara, for some time, and I went into the studio the other day to rehearse for my appearance on Saturday Night Live, and I was sort of paralyzed for about an hour. There were all these musicians looking at me and I thought, “Oh God, now I have to switch gears and tell them what I want”. It is hard, because acting is so much about surrendering yourself to the director’s vision, and the character that you play while performing is so much about gathering all your strength and being larger than life and being more than what you actually are.

What is Snake Eyes about?

It’s a movie written by Abel Ferrara. Harvey Keitel is in it. It’s a psychological drama. If you want me to give you a brief synopsis of it, it’s kind of like, if you’re familiar with Truffaut’s Day for Night, a movie within a movie.

Do you feel that your ambition to be a pop and cultural icon stands in the way of your ever being fully accepted as an actress?

It is. But I think that I will overcome that. I hope that I do.

Does your success put men off when it comes to serious relationships? Can any man deal with it?

You’re a man. Could you?

I think I could.

There is your answer.

There’s a headline in a women’s magazine this month that says HOW TO PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN FROM MADONNA. When you see something like that does it delight you or enrage you?

It didn’t do either. At this point I feel that people write articles about me with those kind of sensational headline catch-phrases because it sells magazines. I’ve sort of grown to expect it.

There are plenty of misconceptions swirling around about you. What’s the biggest?

You’re in the media. I think you can ask yourself where the misconceptions come from. I think it’s impossible for anybody to say they know me or write as if they know me unless they actually do. If you’re going to judge my work, then judge my work. A lot of people do psychological profiles of me as if they know who I am, and I guess everybody believes them. When you’re a celebrity or an icon you’re usually allowed to have one personality trait – which is ridiculous because a person is made up of so many things. I’m strong and I’m vulnerable and I’m a million things in between, like everyone.

You’re talked about being raised without your mother. Would you be willing to raise your child without a father?

Well, I didn’t say that I know that it was gonna turn out that way. I think that it’s important to have both parents around.

So you’re looking for the an first and the child will come later?

Yeah, I’m looking for the chicken before the egg; no pun intended.

Are you still planning on making a film about Frida Kahlo?

I must admit that when everybody else jumped on the Frida Kahlo bandwagon I lost interest in it, just because it seems so trendy now to be interested in her work. I’m still a huge fan of hers. I just don’t know if I’m ever going to do it.

As you get older do you think you’ll continue to be so sexually explicit?

Absolutely. Yes. i don’t think age has anything to do with feeling rebellious and wanting to challenge society, questioning social mores. I don’ think because you reach middle age you all of a sudden become acquiescent and give up. Unfortunately, I think that’s the way society thinks, and I think that’s wrong.

Do you regard your body as a weapon, like your character does in the film?

I think anybody’s body has the potential to be a weapon, yeah. But ultimately, it’s your mind that tells your body what to do, so it’s your mind that’s the weapon.

What’s the status of your production company and record label, Maverick?

Well, we are just getting started at ground level. Along with my manager, Freddy DeMann, we have pretty much got the company together. We’ve put together our creative team and we’ve signed three acts to the label: Proper Grounds – I think their album is coming out this moth; a girl named Michelle, who’s in the studio right now writing, and a group from Seattle called Candlebox. So we’re just getting started with that. Snake Eyes is a Maverick project. We’ve got a lot of other movies in development: some of the scripts haven’t been written. We’re trying to package them and find directors for them and stuff like that. Everything’s still at the beginning stages, but I’m excited about it.

Don’t you ever worry about becoming overexposed?

Well, I don’t ask everybody to write all these articles that they write – it’s not really something I’m in control of. I guess that when everyone’s sick of me, then they’ll stop writing about me.

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