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Madonna Interview : Smash Hits

Madonna - Smash Hits / June 28 -July 11 1989

Madonna has just given her most revealing interview for years. It was done for an Australian TV station and will probably never be shown over here. And this is what happened.

Ihe first thing you see is a close-up of Madonna’s face smiling. Then she lets out the most enormous belch, says “Hi. I’m Madonna” and bursts into hysterical laughter. Most odd. Then she starts talking about love:

“I guess you know when you’re in love when you finally decide that you want to make sacrifices for somebody else, and you want to give something up for somebody else, you don’t lust concentrate on yourself. Like the love that parents have for their children…” she turns and calls for her father, “…Dad…!”

Oddly her father, a man who has obviously given very few fashion tips to one of the most famous celebrities in the universe, does appear. He perches himself on the end of the sofa and the following conversation ensues.

“Madonn,” he says. “I think it’s time we get going here.”

“Get going where, Daddy?” asks Madonna in a little-girl voice.

“We got to go,” he repeats. “We got some homework to do… things to do.”

“Dad! I graduated from high school… points out Madonna, quite sensibly. She holds her head in her hands.

“But you’re pretending…” he interrupts.

“…twelve years ago,” she continues, before questioning his last statement. “Pretending what?”

“You’re pretending that you’re a movie star and you’re really not.” explains her father.

“I am a movie star,” she cries out petulantly.

The camera cuts to her talking about bunking off Sunday church when she was younger.

“Once we got older,” she says. “and we could drive ourselves, my father… um, my parents (her father and stepmother). …would go to the earlier Mass and we’d say we were going to go to the later one. We’d all get in the car together and we’d go down to the doughnut shop and then we’d go to the church and pick up a flyer (i.e. a leaflet) like we’d been there. you know, and we’d make up something that the priest said during the sermon… I think my father knew all along that we were lying…”

“Well. I don’t think she lied to me but…” says her father.

“Dad!” she exclaims. “You’re lying right now…” She picks a cushion off the sofa and swings it quickly round into her father’s stomach. He finds this rather funny and starts giggling.

“She probably did,” he concedes. “Most kids do.”