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Madonna Interview : Spin

Madonna - Spin / May 1985

Confessions Of A Madonna

She’s a shiny heavenly body, a seductive look and a sexy voice.
She s sleazy, trashy, cheap and completely out of your price range.
Fans dress like her, confide in her, pray to her. She’s our lady of rock ‘n’ roll.
If you desire her, that’s all right, she wants you to.
Her nickname’s ‘Squeeze.”
She’s Marilyn Monroe and Joan Crawford reincarnate.

I like to look the way Ronnie Spector sounded: sexy, hungry, totally trashy. I admire her tonal quality. I don’t have a deep, throaty voice or a womanish voice when I sing. I think my voice sounds innocent and sexual at the same time. That’s what I try to tell people, anyway; but they always misconstrue what I mean when I say “sexual innocence.” They look at me and go, “innocent, huh?” They think I’m trash.

I couldn’t be a success without also being a sex symbol. I’m sexy. How can I avoid it? That’s the essence of me. I would have to have a bag over my head and over my body; but then my voice would come across, and it’s sexy.

My first pop idol was Nancy Sinatra. Go-go boots, miniskirt, blond hair, fake eyelashes—she was cool.
My first movie idol was Marilyn Monroe. The movie character I identified with most, though, was Holly Golightly; because when I first came to New York, I was lonely, lived by myself, was going to parties and not fitting in. I loved Brigitte Bardot, especially in Contempt. She kept saying, “Do you love me? Tell me what is beautiful about me.” I can relate to that totally because I really care about the way I look. I wanted to look like Brigitte Bardot. I wanted to make my hair blonder and wear pointy bras and go out with Roger Vadim. I also wanted to look like Jean Seberg in Joan of Arc.
When I was growing up, I was religious, in a passionate, adolescent way. Jesus Christ was like a movie star, my favorite idol of all.

If I were a girl and knew me, I’d want to dress like me. If I were a guy, I’d dress either like Gregory Peck, when he was really young, or James Dean. I’d either wear ripped jeans and a T-shirt or a suit and tie.

Madonna - Spin / May 1985