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Madonna Interview : The Face

Her album jacket photos and her lyrics all seem to suggest that her highest aspiration is the one she wears on her famous belt: BOY TOY.

Within the world of pop, what does Madonna stand for, besides the pleasures of BoyToy-hood? Madonna unfortunately seems to have no answer to this question. Not only has she not thought much about her own image, it seems as if she hasn’t thought much about pop music at all. It is as if the ambition and the success are all that concern her: the route taken to achieve them seems barely worth a second glance. Let’s ask her.

Madonna, what videos do you like?

Oh. I don’t know. John, what videos do I like? You know … . (John – current boyfriend John Jellybean Benitez – shrugs.)

What music do you like?

Oh, I like Bronski Beat . . . John, what else do I like? (John shrugs.)

I like music that has soul. I like good music.

What actresses do you like?

Marilyn Monroe, Carole Lombard.

Great. What current ones?

Oh, Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon – but John likes them more than me.

All of your songs seem to be about boys …

‘Over And Over’ isn’t.

What’s that about?


Well, what else would you like to write about?

Long pause . . . My childhood. I’d write about growing up and feeling lonely. How you never find the love you need at home.

Are you a Boy Toy?

That’s a joke. It’s a tag name given to me when I first arrived in New York. In New York people wear their nicknames on their belts. You have to see the joke.

Yes, but do you feel happy recommending to the girls of America that they turn themselves into Boy Toys?

It’s a personal statement. It’s not for the women of the world, only for myself.

So what is the statement? That you’re burning up for my love? That you’re bending over backwards for my love? (cf Burning Up).

Pause – long enough for those beautiful eyes to send out a bolt of pure animosity – but also for a bit of thought.

It’s a statement for innocent sexuality.

So you are encouraging all the junior high school girls of America, not to mention the Catholic school girls – to indulge in innocent sexuality?

(Exasperated) Boy Toy is a joke.

To judge from the above, not particularly pleasant exchange, Madonna is set fair to become the Jane Fonda of the under-21s, exhorting girls everywhere to fight the noble struggle against stomach bulges, unsightly blemishes, and lonely nights without the man of their dreams. But there may be more to Madonna …