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Madonna Interview : Time International

Madonna - Time International / January 06 1997

“The first couple of weeks were scary because she’s so tiny and you’re just so scared by her fragility” says Madonna. She’s talking of course, about her little Loudres Maria, born two months ago and the object of intense media curiosity. Madonna still regards her baby as too fragile to be subjected to nosy photographers and inquiring reporters. But here’s what TIME has learned:

How has motherhood changed Madonna’s life?

“Well, I don’t sleep. And I have to be incredibly highly organized to balance out work and spending time with her. It used to be that I could make a list and know every day that I was going to get through it. Now, I surrender to the fact that I get to the end of the day and many things won’t be done. And I’m late for everything.”

How much time has she spent away from her daughter?

“Very little. “I can’t stand it when I’ve missed a couple of feedings and I’m stuck in traffic and I won’t be there for the next one.” When she was asked to fly to Las Vegas to accept a Billboard magazine award, she agreed only if the time was limited. “I said, ‘You’ve got to guarantee that I will only be gone for five hours.’ That meant I’d miss only two feedings.”

Was father Carlos Leon nothing more than a sperm donor?

“That’s a ludicrous statement. It implies that I can’t or don’t have the ability to have a relationship, which is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard.”

Why has she shielded her baby so fiercly from the press?

“Concerns about security-and karma. “While she’s so young, I just don’t want to subject her to that. I don’t think it’s the right kind of energy to be around her.”

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