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Madonna Interview : TV Guide

Madonna - TV Guide / April 11-17 1998

TVG: What about your daughter, Lourdes? Does she watch TV?

Madonna: She hasn’t watched any of those things (children’s shows]. TV is not a big part of my life, it just hasn’t been a part of her life. She knows about Sesame Street because I read to her. She doesn’t know who Barney is. Who cares? I mean, she can do without Barney.

TVG: Does Lourdes see her dad often?

Madonna: Well, he lives here [in Los Angeles] right now. But he goes to New York all the time, and she is very close with his mother and father. So she has family. Which is great.

TVG: How is Carlos as a dad?

Madonna: Very sweet. Very loving. Not as much of a disciplinarian as I am. Which is not really a shocker [laughs]. He’s adorable. He’s very childlike, and he’s just really great with her.

TVG: So, even though the relationship is over, you’re not sorry you had a baby with him?

Madonna: (Angrily] I was in love with him. A lot of people think I walked out on the street and looked at him and said, “You’re going to be my sperm donor.” I had a relationship with him for two years. We were together for three. And I am really insulted.

TVG: I don’t think people really know what the truth is about you and Carlos.

Madonna: Well, I like to guard my private life. So, if they hadn’t read anything about it, they assume it doesn’t exist. I think they would like to think that I am incapable of a relationship. But I want to set the record straight. I had a relationship with him. I still have a relationship with him. We are really good friends. And that requires a lot of work. And a lot of respect. The last thing I want my daughter to do is grow up without a father. I grew up without a parent. You know what I mean? What’s with that?

TVG: How did you put all the breakup pain behind you?

Madonna: You just kiss all of that good-bye, any bitterness you have. You just have to get over it and say, OK, what’s the best thing for my child? The best thing for her is to have two parents who are a big part of her life.

TVG: Who is Lourdes like? Whose personality does she have?

Madonna: She is both of us, really. She’s got a really strong will and really bad temper. Actually, Carlos has a bad temper, too. She’s also very inquisitive and direct with people. That is how I am. And she is very charming. And she is very aware of herself. She is self-possessed. I would say she is a lot like me. She has also got a real sense of humor, and she is mischievous. Which is like Carlos.

TVG: Have you met anyone new?

Madonna: Yes. I don’t want to say who.

TVG: Is he famous? A musician?

Madonna: not saying anything because if you knew who he was he would become famous. Obviously, whoever I date is going to have to be cool with the fact that I have a child. She comes first.

TVG: Listening to you now, it’s hard to believe you are the woman who was screaming obscenities on Letterman.

Madonna: That was a time in my life when I was extremely angry.

TVG: Angry about what?

Madonna: About everything. Angry with the way I was brought up. Angry about how sexist this society that we live in is. Angry with people who assumed that because I had a sexuality that I couldn’t also be talented. Just everything. The press was constantly beating up on me, and I felt like I was a victim. So I lashed out at people and that [night on Letterman] was one of [the times). And I am not particularly proud of it.

TVG: With the talk of bisexuality and the sex book then, were you out of control?

Madonna: Not then. Now, looking back on it, I wouldn’t say I was out of control. I was just full of rage.

TVG: You pushed the sex thing pretty far.

Madonna: What’s too far? I mean, I did what I had to do. That was my personal journey. I put my hand in the fire and I got burned.

TVG: How badly? Third degree?

Madonna: I don’t have an scars left. I mean, I’ve gone through hell, and I brought most of it on myself.

TVG: How did you stop being so angry?

Madonna: “Evita” gave me time off from being me. And so it was a really great relief. It gave me a whole new perspective on everything. I just stopped feeling sorry for myself.