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Madonna Interview : TV Week

TV Week: Even when you’re Madonna, you’re friends still fix you up?

Madonna: I don’t think she actually intended to fix us up, but she’s always having lunches and dinners with loads of interesting people/ he just happened to be there.

TV Week: Have you ever been at a point where you’re thinking “There are no good guys out there?”

Madonna: Yeah, every five minutes…..

TV Week: Have you ever thought you’d forget it?

Madonna: No, never. I’ve had moments of “Oh, all men are pathetic”. But five minutes later, I change my mind. All men are babies. That’s my thing. All men are babies.

TV Week: And five minutes after that?

Madonna: Another five minutes later, my tire is flat – that’s whn men come in handy. Men do have redeeming qualities.

TV Week: Has motherhood taken your rebelliousness away from you?

Madonna: No, I’m just quieter about it

TV Week: What do you do to rebel now?

Madonna: I’m still totally anti-establishment. Whatever people expect me to do, I don’t want to do. It’s just my nature.

TV Week: In TNBT, your character does yoga. Whose idea was that?

Madonna: That was my idea. Originally they wanted me to be a swimming instructor. I said, “look, I’m not going to be in a chlorinated pool for eight hours a day. Can I have a different job?”. I like the idea of being a teacher. We went through the list of what I could teach, and as I practice yoga, we said “OK, I can be a yoga teacher”

TV Week: Is it true that you don’t work out any longer, that you only practice yoga? How can your body be so toned?

Madonna: That’s from my yoga

TV Week: Does it hurt when you do things like put your ankle behind your neck?

Madonna: It hurts in the beginning. I began practicing yoga after I had my daughter. It takes about three years of really intensive practice to get that good, to get that flexible.

TV Week: How long do you spend on it?

Madonna: AN hour and a half

TV Week: There are a lot of Hindu images in TNBT, and they are all accurately representing the Hindu faith.

Madonna: There was no way that I was going to allow any inaccuracies to happen. One of my yoga teachers is a girl in LA called Kimberley, and I insisted that she got involved in the movie. I based my character on her. I would go in and help her, and I taught yoga for a couple of months before we starting filming. She got very involved with the production designers, in terms of the colors of the walls and the Hindi deities. I really wanted it to be authentic.