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Madonna Interview : TV Week

TV Week: Do you think that the story line in TNBT, of a woman and her gay friend raising a child, could work?

Madonna: I personally could never have made that choice. I’m much to o selfish. I would not agree to live with someone that I wasn’t going to have a physical relationship with. In the film, I’m the put-upon starlight man to Rupert’s diva….and that’s probably our relationship in real life too.

TV Week: Can you empathize with what your character goes through in the film?

Madonna: To a certain extent. Fortunately when I had Lourdes, I was in a relationship with somebody I was in love with. But of I hadn’t been in a relationship, I might have gone into a bit of a panic, yeah. I can understand where my character is coming from, definitely.

TV Week: Do people think their time is running out when they are in their mid 20’s and 30’s?

Madonna: Yeah, you just sort of think “what of I don’t meet the love of my life before my child-bearing years are over?”

TV Week: Do you think your devoted gay audience will be upset by the film?

Madonna: Perhaps.

TV Week: Was that interesting to you, in terms of shaking heads?

Madonna: No, I wasn’t thinking about it. that is the choice my character makes. She’s not me.

TV Week: What do you believe is the next best thing to motherhood?

Madonna: Writing a song

TV Week: Are you doing that now?

Madonna: Yeah. I’m working on a record right now. Let me rephrase what I just said…writing a great song.

TV Week: When is the album going to be released?

Madonna: Sometime in the 21st century! It’s very electronic, but very melodic. I can’t really describe it more than that.

TV Week:Did the success of your last record Ray of Light make you happy?

Madonna: Uh-huh. It made me very happy.

TV Week: Did you know it would do so well?

Madonna: No. It was a great surprise.

TV Week: Is there any discrimination against older performers in the music business, with all these young kids coming up?

Madonna: I think there;s less ageism in the music business than in the film business. look at Cher and Tina Tuner – there are still lots of older woman that are still doing well.

TV Week: And in the movie business?

Madonna: There probably is ageism, because your work is based on that other people give you. In the music business, you give yourself the work. It’s self generated.