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Madonna Interview : TV Week

TV Week: It’;s been 4 years since your previous film Evita. Why so long?

Madonna: It’s a combination of things. I want to spend time with my daughter. I also only wanted to to a movie project that I felt good about doing, that I thought was going to be fulfilling and challenging. Until TNBT, nothing came along that made me feel that way.

TV Week: If someone wanted to be like you, what advice would you give them?

Madonna: I couldn’t imagine giving that advice. You’d have to live my life

TV Week: What qualities would you suggest those people strive for?

Madonna: Perseverance and resilience. You need a sense of humor and you have to be a tireless workhorse.

TV Week: Do people approach you in public?

Madonna: I can go out. I’m not a prisoner. I keep my sense of humor because I realize how fleeting everything is. While my creative life is incredibly important to me, it’s also important to be a parent and have friends and have a relationship, and to nurture those things, because you never know what is going to happen

TV Week: Has acting always been what you wanted to do?

Madonna: Yeah, I love acting, and I love the art of film-making. When I started in this business, I never intended on being a singer – I was studying acting and I was a dancer. Somehow, the singing thing sort of happened when I auditioned for musical theater, and I ran off in that direction.

TV Week: After your success with ROL at last years Grammy Awards, where it won best pop album, do Grammy nominations means anything to you now?

Madonna: Well, I went for about 15 years without getting a nomination, so now I have a little laissez-faire attitude to it- like “OK, that’s ice”. But you can’t get caught up in stuff like the Grammys. it’s not that important. It’s silly to decide that these five people made the best record, or these five people made the best movie. It’s so subjective. What the “best” anyway?

TV Week: Are you bored with things?

Madonna: You guys were all complaining about me when I was provocative and now I’m being a good girl.

TV Week: Is that sort of thing, being provocative in the past for you now?

Madonna: the thing is, I was always a good student when I was growing up, a model child. I never rebelled against my father. I never had moments where I took drugs or didn’t go to school. I never really had a rebellious stage until I was about 30.

TV Week: Do you have any regrets about that?

Madonna: No, not at all.

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