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Madonna Interview : USA Today

Q: Your eldest child, Lourdes, is studying performing arts at college (the University of Michigan’s School of Music, Theatre and Dance). Do you talk with her about being a performer?

A: We talk about it non-stop — about being an artist, being creative, where to put energy. She’s home for spring break now, in fact. She’s very talented in many areas. She doesn’t know if she wants to be an actress, or produce music — and she’s an incredible singer and dancer.

Q: Are your other children musically inclined?

A: Absolutely. My son Rocco is a fantastic dancer. He’s also into producing music. David plays guitar and sings and dances, and my daughter Mercy plays piano beautifully. So they’re all musical in one way or another. Some are more uninhibited than others, but this is a very musical house.

Q: You apparently have a pretty fabulous art collection too.

A: I think all the arts feed off each other. My kids know who Picasso is, and they also know who Andy Warhol is and who Keith Haring is. I think that’s important.

Q: For years, people have analyzed your influence on female artists, but you’ve had a more general impact on music as well — the incorporation of dance-music textures into pop, for instance.

A: For sure — bringing dance music into the arena of pop culture, bringing different kids of dance styles out into the public. Also, being outspoken, envelope-pushing, provocative – I think you could say someone like Kanye is walking on that razor’s edge as well, and he’s a man, not a woman. And I would say Truth Or Dare was the first reality show.

Q: You’ve also been a champion of gay rights. Have we made progress in that arena in recent years?

A: I think we’ve made huge progress, definitely. Is there still a lot of discriminatory behavior out there, against the gay community? Yeah. Against the African-American community? Yeah. We’ve made a lot of advances, but we’re still very narrow-minded and judgmental. It’s a contradiction.

Q: So now that the album is out, you must be focusing on the tour. What can we expect — besides a lot of energy and spectacle?

A: I want it to be spectacular, definitely. But I also want to have more intimacy in my show. So you can expect more of that.

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