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Madonna Interview : USA Weekend

Q: You’re almost saying there should be more divorce – if women stood up to themselves.

Madonna: Absolutely. Absolutely… The amount of people that are married and happy is extremely small.

Q: But a lot of times, their kids are happy. Right?

Madonna: I do not believe that. I do not believe that.

Q: Have people been making a lot of peculiar demands on you?

Madonna: Yeah. These strange requests are indicative of how sick this society is.

Q: What do you mean by “sick” ?

Madonna: This bizarre interest and fascination with… you would think I was the first celebrity that wasn’t married that got pregnant. It’s just so absurd, the amount of attention and how it’s skewed. Like it’s so unusual, what I’m doing.

Q: Is one of the drawbacks with all this that you don’t have somebody all the time lying next to you to share your anxieties with?

Madonna: I believe you’re asking me to define my relationship in a roundabout way, and I’m not answering that question. How do you know I don’t have someone lying next to all the time?

Q: What do you think a father’s role is in raising children, in general?

Madonna: I think it’s just as important as the mother’s. But I won’t tell you specifically that I think it’s a man’s job to do this or woman’s job to do that. They both have nurturing roles they play.

Q: But what, ideally, works best? Is it best to have a mother and father in home?

Madonna: I think that’s the ideal. I grew up without a mother, and I did all right.

Q: i told a woman from the Bronx sitting next to me on the plane…

Madonna: You told her you were coming to interview me?

Q: Yeah, I like to know what the folks want to know. Don’t you?

Madonna: No.

Q: Anyway, the kinds of things people want to know are basic. For instance: Are you going to breast-feed?

Madonna: I don’t think that’s anybody’s business. It’s absurd. And of course, everyone wants to give you advice and everyone’s a know-it-all and lectures you on how you have to breast-feed…

Q:Cloth diapers?

Madonna: Oh, please. I assume everyone gets that, but I get it on a global scale.

Q: With all these people talking to you, who do you listen to?

Madonna: Friends and family members who have children. But a lot of it goes in one ear and out the other.

Q: The Rosie O’Donnells of the world, and people like that?

Madonna: To a certain extent, Rosie, yeah. Roosie adopted a baby, so there’s little bit of information (about being pregnant) I can’t get from her. But yeah, friends of mine that have children. My sister is a wealth of information; she has a 5-year-old, and that really comes in handy.

Q: Also, you had a lot to do with raising of five younger siblings. So, you’ve changed a lot of diapers?

Madonna: Yes, I have. (laughs)