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Madonna Interview : Vanity Fair Italia

Madonna - Vanity Fair / March 11 2015

Who gets to decide whether a question is good or not?

Only I can do that: let’s say I’m the favoured one in this game.

I’m not sure I can drink, this is a cover piece.

I can’t make an exception, everyone’s got to drink. And you know you’re going to like it.

Who doesn’t love Tequila after all?

See, I knew it. But the other rule is that you can’t ask stupid question on purpose, simply because you want to get drunk.

OK then, let me try with this question: do you really feel like a survivor?

Absolutely. A survivalist to be exact, a survival professional: if you are an artist there’s always some punishment for what you do or a form of self-flagellation. Whether one admits it or not.

In Rebel Heart you say that you need to be a masochist in order to do your job

You also need to be a narcissist, constantly craving other people’s eyes on you, otherwise you’re never going to be able to stand roaring on top of a mountain. But most of all, you must suffer because the same fire that inspires you is also burning you. That is particularly true at the beginning, before people start accepting you. But even today, if you try to do something different you get punished for it.

Now they are punishing you for your age or am I wrong?

You’re absolutely right.

Madonna - Vanity Fair / March 11 2015

They say you navigate through social media waters clumsily and that you can’t pose topless at your age.

56 to be exact.

It’s referred to as ageism in English

Which means: discrimination based on a person’s age. There is no difference between ageism, racism or homophobia. The cause is always limited knowledge, ignorance fostering fear and fear creating a willingness to destroy through criticism. What is the point? Show me the “How To Behave At A Certain Age” handbook. As far as I know there is no such thing in existence.