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Madonna Interview : Video Rock Stars

Whereas in records –

Well, in records and in videos, I control everything. I decide when to start, I decide who I work with, I decide the studio we work in. In videos, I decide – to me, it’s all centered around me. I have total control. Here, I’m just the actress.

(As if to prove this last statement, Madonna is called back to the set. Later, over a lunch of salad, we continue.)

Do you still dance?

Yeah, in my trailer in front of my mirror and in nightclubs, but not in a class situation. I’d like to, but I don’t have time. I don’t want to do it unless I can go regularly. It’s like any kind of class, you miss things if you don’t go once in a while. You can’t really get anything out of it that way.

Being a famous person, when you walk down the street people must stop you all the time. Is that hard to deal with?

It depends on what kind of mood I’m in. Sometimes I want people to notice me, when I’m feeling like I really need to have my ego boosted and stuff, and sometimes I want everyone to leave me alone.

It must make it harder to go shopping.

I don’t even go shopping anymore. I hate to be stared at when I’m looking at something on the rack.

So do you miss that?

I miss being anonymous. I miss being someone that people just looked at ‘cause they thought I was interesting – you know what I mean? – and not because they know who I am. If they know who you are they think that they have the right to come up and ask you stuff, get things from you.

Do people mostly want your autograph?

My body. (laughs)

What do you want to do when you finish this up?

I want to continue seeing my psychiatrist. I’m going to go out to LA for a while and look for a house to buy and, and what else? Then it’ll be Christmas time, and then I have to get a band together and go on tour.

Are you going to move to LA?

No. Just have a place there. I hate it here in the winter. It’s depressing.

If you could make a movie – if you could make your next movie with anyone and it could be about anything, what do you think it would be about and who would be in it?

It would be about – I don’t want to say because I’m already trying to do that right now.

What is the one question that you wish someone would ask you that no one ever has?

“I’ve asked you too many questions already, haven’t I?” (Laughs.)

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