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Madonna Interview : YM Magazine

Madonna in YM Magazine / Dec 1992 / Jan 1993

Since none of us would dare play truth or dare with Madonna, we opted for a game of 40 questions instead. We randomly called YM readers, too their best questions and convinced the workaholic material girl to take a break from her frantic schedule (a new album, Erotica; a new book, Sex, and a new movie, Body of Evidence) to lay her answers on us. Read all about what she had to say on life, sex, finding the right guy and fighting her fat phobia.

01. At what point in your career did you feel like you were a success?

I’ve never reached that point.

02. What are the three most unusual things about you?

My mental strength, my emotional resilience, my appetite for sweets.

03. Do you worry about being overexposed?

Only at the gynecologist’s.

04. How do you find the courage to do things that so many people find unacceptable?

I was wounded at a very young age.

05. What’s your best position in baseball?

On the bus, afterward.

05. How do you get along with your father? What does he think about your work and your life?

I get along with him very well. He tolerates my work and loves me no matter what I do.

06. What inspired your latest album and its title?


07. What kind of music and talents do you want to promote with your new record company, Maverick?

Cutting-edge, ground breaking stuff.

08. What do you really think of Courtney Love, who has said you’ve tried to copy her?

Who is Courtney Love?

09. What is the sexiest book you’ve ever read?

Marquerite Dura’s The Lover.

10. How do you feel about unauthorized biographies?

I feel nothing.

11. Who did you vote for president?


12. Who do you wish would have run for president?

Mario Cuomo.

13. Do you think American society has lost its values, like Dan Quale says?

I think American society has lot its sense of humor.

14. You do a lot of charity work. What do you think is the most important issue for young people today to address?


15. Why?

Knowledge is power, and the more you know, the more you grow. Staying in school, getting into books and pursuing interests are all part of it.

16. What world problem would you cure if you could?


17. What is your workout routine?

Two and a half hours of hell.

18. How do you make yourself exercise on days when you really don’t feel like it?

I think about being fat.

19. Do you have any recurring dreams?

I always dream about being betrayed.

20. Who’s your best friend in the whole world?


21. If you were a man, who would you be?

The Spanish guy who won the gold medal in swimming. Or Marlon Brando when he was young.