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Madonna & Katy Perry on the Power of Pop : V Magazine

Katy Perry: Not every day, if I’m being honest, but we definitely do one, and a lot of clean up.

Madonna: But you’re also doing a lot of tech stuff, so there’s probably a lot of stop and start.

Katy Perry: I’m doing lights. I’m doing video. I’m doing edits. I’m picking my next single.

Madonna: Oh my good. It’s too much. It’s just too much.

Katy Perry: Sometimes you wish you were a girl group, so you could delegate more, you know?

Madonna: Yeah. It’s kind of like being a single perent. (laughs)

Katy Perry: Yeah, I can imagine. You’ve got a lot of kids. They all have different attitudes.

Madonna: Oh yeah. We all went to see the New York City Ballet last night. It was fun to see my children’s reactions to ballet and the theater in general.

Katy Perry: Who liked it the most?

Madonna: Lola. She had ballet and dance training and could appreciate the discipline of everything.

Katy Perry: And I’m sure she has the understanding and the consciousness to really be able to love that kind of approach.

Madonna: Yeah. Totally. So getting back to the rehearsals and the process, the fact that you even have the patience to do the interview is amazing to me, because when I start doing rehearsals and my manager comes to me to stop for a photo shoot or an interview, I’m like, “Get out! Get out of here!”

Katy Perry: That’s what I did last night… I never said that in my life. I’ve never blown off Madonna.

Madonna: I get it. I’m sure you’re very involved with your lighting design and your rear-screen projections and the costumes. All of it is so time-consuming.

Katy Perry: Oh yeah. I’m picking the shoes for dancers!

Madonna: Of course you are. You have to. You can’t leave that up to other people, because then when you see them on stage and you don’t like them, it’s too late and you have no one to blame but yourself.

Katy Perry: Do you have little things that you carry around for protection? Like, I have crystals and little tchotchkes around my dressing room.

Madonna: Yes, I do. I carry 22 volumes of the Zohar with me everywhere.

Katy Perry: Oh wow.

Madonna: That’s one thing that I do. I’ve been studying Kabbalah for 18 years. And I feel like it protects me. So wherever I go and they set up my dressing room, I have a bookshelf with the Zohar. But I also take miniature copies of one of them and my crew guys tape them up inside of every lift and any mechanism that has potential to fail.

Katy Perry: Really ?

Madonna: Yes. I’m so superstitious and don’t trust stages. You know, people are human, they make mistakes sometimes. They don’t set things up properly. So I drive everyone insane, because if there are mechanisms and moving parts in the show, I make them test everything and show it to me during the sound checks.

Madonna - V Magazine / Summer 2014

Katy Perry: All the serials and stuff.

Madonna: Absolutely everything, and I drive people nuts. But, you know, that’s manifestation of OCD and just having things go wrong in the past and having people get hurt. I can’t afford that.