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Madonna & Katy Perry on the Power of Pop : V Magazine

Katy Perry: I’m so OCD I want these letters in alphabetical order. C-D-O would be my preference.

Madonna: Details.

Katy Perry: God is in the details. I really appreciate people being the best they can be in whatever field they’re in.

Madonna: Speaking of people who are the best. You have the best dresser. I love Tony.

Katy Perry: Oh, Tony! He’s such a great, hard worker. I don’t know if Lisa was ever on tour with you as well? Because he brought her.

Madonna: They’re a great team. I hope they’re both dressing you in your quick change. You’re in very good hands with those two.

Katy Perry: I love that that’s exactly what they do and I can yell at them and at the end of the night there are no hard feelings.

Madonna: They got thick skin. I’ve had some major temper tantrums in my dressing room.

Katy Perry: Having your flesh zipped up in your boots before you’re supposed to go act spritely on stage is the worst thing ever.

Madonna: Yes. So many things can go wrong. It’s all about the quick change. It’s kind of like in Formula One when the drivers stop and the crew takes the car apart and then puts it back together again. You better hope and pray that they do it in right order.

Katy Perry: That’s great analogy.

Madonna: Okay, who’s your director ? Do you work with the same person every time ?

Katy Perry: Yeah, I do. His name is Baz Halpin. He did Pink, Taylor Swift, Cher.

Madonna: Pink’s show was great.

Katy Perry: Amazing. That’s excruciatingly hard looking show. I don’t know how she does it.

Madonna: She’s a little toughie. She’s an athlete.

Katy Perry: When did you start dancing ?

Madonna: When I was in junior high. I’m sure that’s what saved me. My dance training and my super catholic upbringing. The combination of discipline and rigor and stick-to-the-plan and don’t be a flake.

Katy Perry: Are you always on time then ?

Madonna: No, no. Unfortunately. I expect everyone else to be, of course.

Katy Perry: Sure! I understand.

Madonna: But I’m only a few hours late. (laughs) I want to be on time. I try to be on time.

Katy Perry: There are many variables.

Madonna: Well, when you have four children, everything goes out of window. They slow me down enormously with their surprises. But in terms of my show, we got major aggro from my management for being late. But I have this set amount of time between sound check and the show. I need exactly three hours to get ready.

Katy Perry: That’s about as much time as I need. Even if you are a little bit late, it’s not like you’re sitting backstage drinking champagne and watching your favorite TV show.

Madonna: Right. I’m not partying. I’m not being frivolous or lazy. there’s no time to waste.

Katy Perry: Right.

Madonna: So… the thing about touring is that it’s the one thing left that nobody can mess with. People can download your music and you can make a video and create a whole new version of yourself, but when you get on tour, you have to pay your piper. When you go on stage, you have to do it, and there’s no faking. You could lip-synch, that’s true, but I feel like there’s something about live performance where it’s the one thing left for an artist that’s living on the edge and there’s no way to cheat it. It’s the one risk we’re still allowed to take. Do you feel like that too ?

Katy Perry: I feel like that’s where the true connection with music comes from. I still believe that you reap what you sow on tour. If you’re touring, you’re really planting personal seeds in the fans. I’m very one-on-one.