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Madonna Twitter Chat / April 04 2012

Madonna: Sorry for being late – just got back from rehearsals. I’m ready now.

M: @LionelRichie congrats on a successful record. To the other ritchie in my life….

Britney Spears @britneyspears: Love the new album – every single song is incredible. Congrats girl!

M: Please come on stage and kiss me again. I miss you!!

nicker @notorslytrolled: Are you there yet madonna?

M: On my knees. Ready and waiting.

Henrique Merlin @henriquemerlin: Who’s designing the costumes for the MDNA tour?

M: Arianne – as usual. @ariannephillips

Jakub Harzowski @Polakkid3: Did u contact Tarantino???

M: He’s shooting a movie til June. That’s no excuse. I’m still waiting for his call. Every little thing, everything little thing…

@hoetbh: How’s your broken pinky doing?

M: Still broken. No longer purple.

Michele @MLVC90Michele: Did you ever consider singing Masterpiece in Spanish? I love song so much… Can’t wait to see you in four states this year!

M: No, but it’s a good idea. I think it would sound good in Spanish. How do you say Masterpiece in Spanish?

PEPPER PEEPS @PEPPERPEEPS: Favorite Easter candy? Peeps?

M: Cadbury Creme Eggs. Don’t get me started they are so good.

Katy Perry @katyperry: Which evolution of you in your career has been your favorite/most fulfilling, besides the present?

M: Ray of Light. That was a good moment. I wanna see you in the front row somewhere this year. Okay?

Anderson Cooper @andersoncooper: Congratulations Madonna!! RT @guyoseary: ‘MDNA’ gives Madonna biggest album debut of 2012

M: Aww, thanks Anderson. Do u miss me? Do u want me to come back and visit you in a leather dress? What suit are you wearing?

James J. Scott @JimmieJScott: Would you ever consider hosting Saturday Night Live?

M: FOR SURE. I’m gagging to do it. I’m obessed with Kristen Wiig and @AndySamberg. I want to do a skit with Kristen and Lola.

Madonna Japan @MadonnaJapan: What do you think of these Madonna kids chosen by @KentoMori1 danced to GMAYL?

Madonna Chat

M: Soooooooooooo cute!! Can they come on tour with me? I need extra cheerleaders! Make it happen !

Alisha Berthelot @hotepants: How was your day?

M: Not bad. I walked all the way across the slackline today in my bare feet. Yessss.

Lewis Murphy @Lewisemurphy: How were rehearsals today?? Any new injuries??

M: Yep – I cut my shin. First section of the show is a little bit violent.

Bradley Traynor @bradleytraynor: So what kind of flowers do you like?

M: Calla lillies. gardenias. tuberose.

Madonna Japan @MadonnaJapan: What do you think of these Madonna kids chosen by @KentoMori1 danced to GMAYL?

M: I want to see the video!

M: I love this page – thank you so much. I feel the love.

M: This is very cool – just love it.

Lionel Richie @LionelRichie: What’s going on family? Can you believe we are sitting on the top of the charts together again?

M: Every dog has it’s day. Remember when we were neighbors?

M: VeronicaElectronica sends you her love and gratitude for all the kind words @tiesto @petetong @djtommytrash MTV

Cande @MadgeQueen: What do you want for your B-day?

M: World peace – how bout that??

M: Thanks for the support, its amazing, surreal, I’m in heaven. A million thank you’s.

Laura Lillicotch @LauraLillicotch: Will your four children be with you while you are on tour?

M: I won’t go on tour without them.

Alex Hollywood @alexhollywood1: Do you miss Maverick Records?

M: I miss my office.

Kelly Ripa @KellyRipa: Danced down the mountain to it in Banff. Love it!!! RT @giolockedloaded: @KellyRipa what do u think of #MDNA

M: Awww – I want to go skiing with Kelly Ripa! How dare she do it without me??