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Madonna Twitter Chat / March 26 2012

Madonna: firstly I was just told the album is #1 on 40 countries….thank you for all your support, I feel blessed.

Ryan Seacrest: Since @TimTebow is moving to NY now, will you show him around?

M: I’d love to show @TimTebow around town… We have so much in common. He’s “like a virgin” and so am I ;)

Chris @christina_alexa: Hi Madonna. How many hours of rehearsal do you do for your tour? Btw you are truly an icon. God Bless

M: I rehearse all day and all night, every day, never get a day off.

tieranie o’shay @teaoshay: Do you like your toast buttered or plain?

M: Buttered of couse. Dry toast yuck

Debbie:) @FilthyPopSwagg: Latin America loves you! How do u feel about the Latin American community’s adoration towards you? :) <3<3<3

M: Can’t live without it

Ellen DeGeneres @TheEllenShow: I don’t know how you keep doing it, but you keep doing it! This album is amazing!

M: I have strong role models like you to look up to. :)

Tim Bogan @Tim_ModenusUK: Who made the wonderful throne you were carried in on for your Super ball show?

M: Jimmie Martin, furniture designer that I love

Sian Louise @Sian_MDNA: Do you believe in ghosts? If so, have you ever seen one?

M: I believe in other worldly spirits and energy

DEAN @DROWNED062001: Whose idea was to include the banjo on MDNA?

M: That was William Orbit’s

Sherm Denton @chrissherm2: Every question sounds the same you gotta step into my world! Favorite cereal from childhood?

M: Captain crunch. Peanut butter flavor

Mark Page @MarkP67: Do you think you will release a fragerance the men can use??

M: Absolutely.

Ross Farley @rossgstarfarley: Hav u got a name for this new tour?

M: Yes – it’s the MDNA tour

Andrea Stephanie @StephDrea: Dear M, how are you today?

M: I’m actually quite good. I slept well last night. Excited about my record.

Perez Hilton @PerezHilton: Dear Madonna, would you pretty please join Twitter permanently??? Not just for one day!!! Puhhhlease! *begging here*

M: but then you’ll get used to me and take me for granted.

Brian Bailone @BrianBailone: Do you miss being on the road when your not on tour?

M: I miss the connection with the audience. Miss the thrill.

Michael Vincent @VincentDynamo: What was the most difficult album for you to make?

M: This one. I was making it while I was editing a film.

Thiago Farias @ThiagoOtrop: Have you ever thought about writing an autobiography?

M: Absolutely. I have so much to say. But not right now.

If U Seek Amy @juancicc0ne: What is your guilty pleasure?

M: French fries and krug rose champagne.

Lola Leon @FlawlessM: Favorite place you’ve ever travelled to?

M: Gstaad. I loved it.

NoMr.Ego! @NotBipolar1: Do you like drink coffee?

M: Yes nonstop

Eamon McGowa @eamonj13: What did you like about Jimmy Fallon?

M: The way he moves his hips.

Gabriel Moro @GabrielMoro: What do you think the world needs the most now?

M: Tolerance, compassion.

Cory H. @hellocory: What songs are currently on your iPod?

M: DJ playlists that I work out to.

Darren Hutchinson @mrdhutchinson: Will we see more of you wearing those fierce heelless heels like you did in Miami on tour?

M: Yes

Moises MDNA @Moises_Aguirre: Who got the idea to include an acoustic version of Love Spent? Are more acoustic versions coming?

M: Most likely more coming.

Lucas Almeida @Almeidonna: Where are u now and what ur wearing?

M: In my living room. t-shirt that says “bitch club” on it.