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Madonna’s MSN Live Chat, Dec. 12, 2001, 12noon (EST)

Madonna - MSN Live Chat / December 12 2001

DishDiva_MSN says: Mrs. Ritchie, welcome to MSN Live.

Madonna_Live says: Hello everyone!

DishDiva_MSN says: Madonna, welcome. It’s great to have you back. As you may know we have fans here from all over the world who have been waiting in this chat room since yesterday to ask you about your new CD, “GHV2.”

DishDiva_MSN says: We have thousands of questions, so let’s get started.

DishDiva_MSN says: Aya says: Your Drowned World Tour DVD is really great and very interesting. It seems to me that you love some elements of Japanese pop culture, such as “ninja” movies, performance art and animation films. How did you get interested in them?

Madonna_Live says: I’m not really sure. Just studying dance, traveling around the world. I have been fascinated with Geisha dance. It’s just been a huge influence all together. Geisha, Kurisawa, and martial arts.

DishDiva_MSN says: Herbert Gris from Sao Paulo says: After the latest tragedies, do you think you will end up having peace as theme for some of the songs of your new album? When is it due? Any plans already?

Madonna_Live says: I think peace have been a theme of a lot of my songs in the past. I am not naive enough to think that Sept. 11th is the first time we had to deal with terrorism. I will continue to sing about relationships. The song “Swim” on “Ray of Light” is exactly

Madonna_Live says: about that.

DishDiva_MSN says: David from Spain: Madonna, which of your song is the most representative of you, the one that reflects who you are?

Madonna_Live says: That’s an impossible question to answer. Not one of my song reflects me, all of my songs reflect me. They all deal with different aspects of my personality.

DishDiva_MSN says: Benjamin from Paris says: What do you think of that: “Madonna is not following the trend, she makes it?”

Madonna_Live says: I’d like to think that’s true.

DishDiva_MSN says: Vanessa Ramirez from Colombia: How do you think that your spiritual life has changed & influenced others through all these years of artistic career?

Madonna_Live says: I think my spiritual life has been growing over the years and has effected my music and my music effects people, so maybe it’s incouraged people to more introspective and take responsibility for their actions.

DishDiva_MSN says: Isn’t there a book you recommend about that?

Madonna_Live says: There’s lot of books I could recommend, there’s 3 I highly recommend. “The Art of Living” by Joseph Campbell, “The Four Agreements,” and “The Power of Kaballah” written by Rabbi Berg.

DishDiva_MSN says: Guatemala Jessica Estrada says: Do you believe that it is important for a woman to become a mother?

Madonna_Live says: I think that being a mother is an incredible growing experience. An incredible strenghening experience, but I dont’ think you have to become a mother to achieve what you want to on this earth. Going through the birth process and watching that child grow,

Madonna_Live says: your whole life changes, you look at everything with a different perspective, a better perspective. Not the me, me, me perspective you have before children.

DishDiva_MSN says: What has surpised you most about being a mother?

Madonna_Live says: The fact that you’re completely responsible for guiding the mind of a small child who is dependent on you. Sometime I think I know everything and my daughter asks me questions and I don’t know the answer to. To have a 5 year old stump is kind of tough.

Madonna_Live says: To have a 5 year old stump you, is kind of tough.